ZYON Account Transfer

Darnell here for Business In The Black,

With regret I bring to you some bad news if you are hosted on the ZYON servers.

The hosting company has informed me that they will no longer support these account and will be closing all the accounts on Monday August 18th, 2014. I have pleaded with them for 2 days and they said they have no choice and this is why. I also know that a few of you have enjoyed free hosting for over a year but now all that has come to an end.

This is an excerpt from the hosting company ZYON:

The entire account will be removed Monday, August 18th for security concerns and continuous spam issues. I really have no other choice; I need to protect my service and my customers. I cannot allow a single customer to continue to cause issues that affect them all.

David Hasbrouck
ZYON.COM 24×7 System Engineer 

David further told me that any of the accounts have sent out so much spam that server was taken down by the US government over 21 times in 2014 alone. Next the hosting company got hit with over 10,000 spam reports which made them have to pay fines to get their servers back open to email servers.

With sites being on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which means there are other accounts from many sharing the same space they have no choice but to kill my account so they can protect their own business which has 1000’s of webmaster clients.

I know that most of you have not done anything wrong and the few clients which I will not name have caused all the trouble. The negligent clients I have already terminated after repeat violations the terms of hosting and will not help them but I have given them a copy of their sites.

With all that said it leaves all the innocent clients that I am trying to help now so I have created a few options to choose from to get your sites back up after Monday 18th, 2014 if you choose to do so.

First of all I have backed up every site to a local drive and saved all files, images, pages, posts and database to restore each site to a new hosting server. This took me 2 days but is now completed.

Here are the options I can give you as current and past clients using ZYON

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