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Webinar Based Training
BIB offers One-On-One Web Based Training on how to manage your new website and other applications at a rate of $35 a hour. We give FREE to all new clients via Virtual Classes held using LIVE webinars each week on Monday at 7pm CST.

How does it work if you need more personal one-on-one help?
1 – Tell us the subject below to get training on.
2 – Pay for your training using PayPal, Credit or Debit Card.
3 – Confirm your Date and Time of your training with me to make sure I can make the appointment.
4 – When your training day comes, we will contact you by phone first and then with a website link that allows you to see a LIVE screen on your computer. You have a choice of listening to the sound via the computer screen (if internet connection speed is fast enough) or by phone while being trained.

The best times for training is after 10am CST  to 12noon and than 5pm to as late as 11pm CST. 

Note: This is a 2 Way training session which mean there will be portions of the training where you will have control over the screen to practice what you learn in Real-Time. We give you control over the mouse so you can show BIB you have learned what was taught.

Please select from the available Training Sessions below.
The day of your training you will receive a confirmation email 15-30 minutes prior to the training start time with instructions needed for dialing into the call and signing into the Webinar.