Time changes and accordingly everything in the nature redefines itself. So, the latest magical marketing innovation or SEO (search engine optimization) are also upgrading itself. We already are enough aware about traditional bookmarking, link building, submission, etc sorts of stuffs but recently introduced video SEO work is gaining tremendous response and almost all premier SEO service providers have welcomed it.

Video on internet was not a new concept and a many people substantially cashed it. Even, it is obvious to understand that people love to watch video instead of reading books and reports on internet. Initially, low internet speed was a great hurdle but now it is gradually being removed. So certainly in coming season, there may be chances that television also would be replaced by internet. In concluding words, it must be quoted here that video market is hot and in every following day, it is being hotter. So, competition is simply heating upwards amongst all video websites and they feel need of search engine optimization.

SEO Meta tags and titles play crucial role in the optimization of video. The real video SEO action begins with the shooting of video. After shooting of spicy and catchy video, you have to look for proper video sites. However, there are hundreds of websites that may offer you video uploading service as an ad but each one can not be worthy. On the contrary, they will consume huge amount of time. So, save your time and choose good PR website. If video website is relevant with your target than it is damn good. For instance, if you have uploaded video on ‘youtube’ then start posting in links in forums and blog. You can even bookmark video. A press release is also good idea for the promotion of video.

Recent market reports are quite encouraging for video marketing and video SEO work. New York Times estimated that more than 70% traffic on internet is attributed to video. Google was so much concern towards this issue that it has purchased youtube for a whopping 1.65 billion dollar. There are speculations or we can say rumor that Google has prominently formed a team of best minds to analyze keywords from audio that are digitized. It would be just like an analysis of keywords in written roman scripts.

Summary:- You Tube take over by Google and market report of New York Times has certainly encourages video SEO work. In fact it was predicted as video websites were already extremely popular amongst internet users. So, this article explores different aspects of video SEO work.