Video Marketing $15

Clickable Button overlays – On Finish URL Redirect – Social Locking – Opt-in and HTML Overlays
Packed with features others charge thousands for!
Live Demo below for the 2014 Power Networking Conference 



Use YouTube or Self-Hosted Videos with your own Logos and Sharing

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Look at some of these POWERFUL Features


Clickable ‘Overlays’

Add eye catching, clickable ‘overlays’ to your videos that appear at precise times to GRAB your viewers attention! Give your customers the chance to buy at the right time! No more need for Video Ecommerce and you can add a PayPal Button right on the video for direct sales.

BIB Sets up the Video Embed for you

No need to learn a complicated video editing system, just send us your video or link to a video and we do the rest for you. 


Embed Buttons Inside Your Videos!

Embed “buy now” buttons directly inside your videos! Distribute your videos with YOUR “buy now” buttons inside them for autopilot profits!

Fully-Customizable & HTML5 Compatible

Just tell us where your video is hosted, how you want the player styled, and embed code will be sent to you via email. Compatible with HTML5 and plays in every browser including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


Get DETAILED Video Marketing Analytics

Uncover the points where and when your visitors are leaving your videos and analyze the ‘exact points’ that are preventing the sale to boost profits! PRO

Mask Your Videos Hosting URL

The code you’ll need to paste on your website will be encrypted making it easy for you to secure your video file location and protect it. Great for offering free or paid video training, classes and video coaching.


Split Testing & Video Optimization

Stop blindly guessing what video works best. Automatically serve the most effective version of your video for maximum profits and radically increase your conversion rate! PRO (need two or more videos for this)


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