The Ultimate Deal Micro Site $50

Deal Micro Site features

The Ultimate Deal Micro Site

No need to purchase a full blown website to sell online

scarcity sells

Everything you need on one page to sell, sell and sell some more!


Deal page

We create you a damn good looking webpage to offer deals from!

It’s slick and professional looking, and so well coded it displays perfectly even on mobile devices. We can also customize the look and feel of the page to suit your personal branding, colors and information.

Great Features:

  • Multi payment options
  • Mobile and WordPress
  • Built in social sharing
  • Built in Exit Pop Ups
  • Video Embedding (YouTube or Self Hosted)
  • SEO Friendly Deal Pages
  • All Deal are added to our Instant Deal Directory
  • Multiple Currency Deals
  • Sell any type of products
  • Thank you page
  • Add special codding like Tracking or Affiliate codes
  • Social Proof Tweaking
  • Deal Countdown Freeze
  • Date / Time countdown Deals
  • Quantity Countdown Deals
  • Evergreen Counter Deals
  • Images, Video, Tebbed Content
  • Responsive Layout for Mobile
  • Built in Social Sharing Functionally
  • Integrated Social Proof Count

Create Deal Pages and streamline scarcity Countdown Based to Increase Sales Conversion 300% or More

For instance, you can create a strong sense of urgency by simply utilizing one of the several different types of countdowns pre-programmed into the site. These countdowns include “scarcity of product counts”, and time limits (both the fixed date countdowns, and countdowns that run personal customer timers). (The product countdowns work great because people have to get it before it’s gone – think Groupon).

mode 1

mode 2

mode 3


Author: darnellsmith