Trusted Shock Video Marketing $60

Now get your video in front of 1000’s using a powerful marketing Technique called

Trusted Shock Video Marketing 

We combine the assume power of Trusted Shock Marketing with Promo Videos

How does it work?

We take a Trusted & Shocking article on the internet from well known sources like shown below and use it for marking a product or service of your own that is relative to your own topic. You can find any place that you think is Trustworthy to create a Marketing campaign from.

How is it used?

We create a special stealth link that can be Shared Socially on just about any Social website like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Dig and more. The more Shocking the story is the more people will want to click and read it which in turn gets more people to see your waiting Ninja Video that shows when they go to close or leave the page.

The Best thing of all you don’t have to pay the CRAZY expensive prices for advertising on main stream websites but you get the benefit of their traffic.

It’s like having the media working for you for FREE!

Seeing a demo is worth a thousand words

cnn1  right_arrow  cnn2

Try it for yourself by clicking on the demo link below or anyone of the images

This link will produce this Social Snippet when you share it.


After fans and friends of your Social Media Groups click on this snippet they will be taken to that article!


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