Trust and Social Shock Marketing

Trust Marketing Campaigns

only $10 Each or 10 for $50

What is Trust Marketing?

You take a Trusted article on the internet like from CNN, CBS, NPR or the Huffington Post like shown below and use it for marking a product or service of your own that is relative to your own topic. You can find any place that you think is Trustworthy to create a Marketing campaign from.

The Trusted Source for the Topic you are promoting and in this case it’s Breast Cancer Awareness.

Click on the image below to see that it is a real listed article by Huffington Post

Example Trusted Ad Topic Website

Once you finish reading about Breast Cancer as in this demo our client’s Ad below will be shown right over the Trusted website post above.

Once a visitor is taken to the article our software hides and can be timed, activated on entry or exit to display an advertisement . This could be an Ad, Feedback Form, Discount Coupon or any other bit of information. 

The Best thing of all you don’t have to pay the CRAZY expensive prices for advertising with them to get the benefit of their traffic.

How is it used?

We create a special link that can be Shared Socially on just about any Social website like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Dig and more. The more Shocking the story is the more people will want to click and read it which in turn gets more people to see your waiting Ninja AD that shows shortly after.

Seeing a demo is worth a thousand words

This link: would produce the post below on Face Book or any other Social Network allowing posts. The Article Snippet and Image is created automatically from the Trusted Ad source website for you.

Use the link over and over across many Social Networks to get Instant Website Traffic and Sales.

Try the link yourself and see how your ad would pop up when you try to leave the article even though it is not hosted on our servers.

This is a technique called Trust Marketing when you use a Trusted news source while marketing your own products and services.

Author: darnellsmith