SMS Marketing

BIB has teamed up with DDI4 to give you Unlimited SMS Marketing for 1 low monthy price!

Only $39.95 a month

Unlimited Text Marketing 

With DDI4’s Flat Rate, Unlimited Use Mobile Marketing Platform.  Combined with the following powerful Adname features, ensure that your getting the best deal possible in Text Message (SMS) Advertising.

A DDI4 Bounce Ad is an Auto Responder that Sends Messages On-Demand.  Enables advertisers to post a pre-set Advertising Text Message which cell phone companies “bounce back” to cell phone users when requested on-demand.
DDI4 Broadcasts Send Updates To Subscribers.  Enables advertisers to build unlimited Subscribers to whom they can send unlimited Advertising Text Messages and other Promotional Updates. Our Mobile Broadcast System enables advertisers to send UNLIMITED Text Messages to an UNLIMITED number of subscribers – on a bulk broadcast basis – any time they want, whenever they want, by simply logging into your USER account website from any laptop or desktop computer.
This is a feature that enables DDI4 to piggyback an Advertising Text Message as a Trailer to ANY and/or ALL Text Messages sent by DDI4 Adnames to their Subscribers. Trailers can be used by the Publisher or can be used to sponsor DDI4 Adnames to promote Ad campaigns. This is a great feature for corporate sponsored Ads.
Allows an DDI4 Adname to ADD A CUSTOM IMAGE to all their text messages. All images are delivered through MMS.
This feature enables a User to create future Broadcast campaigns for each DDI4 Adname. Choose the date and time you want a Broadcast to be sent out to all your subscribers, enter your information and save it. The Broadcast will auto-send for you according to your schedule. Save as many Time Release campaigns in your system as you want.
This feature enables an Advertiser to activate his/her Adname to capture leads/data from each user before they are allowed to subscribe. Up to 10 questions may be asked to the mobile user.  Each lead is able to have notes applied.  This feature may be activated or deactivated at any time.

If you have any questions call our Customer Service Hotline at toll free (214) 509-6678!