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Let us help you Boost your website to the top of Google and other search engines using safe and legal ways.

These are the methods we use for our own website so do a simple test.

Go to Google, AOL, Yahoo or Bing and type in “$199 Websites”

Our website “” will be on top if not #1.

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What is Website Boosting? Boosting is a when you push a website’s URL to thousands of Search Engines, Directories and Listing services all over the Internet all at one time. Over the many years of building websites and studying how search engines operate we have developed methods that combine software and techniques to get just about any website listed high on the Internet. Our main target is Google and we go after the others like AOL, Yahoo,Bing and Ask afterwards since many take their scans from Google anyway.

When you use our service, the following happens:

1- We first run an analysis of your website to make sure the basics are in place like Keywords, Special Meta Tags and the Robot.txt file.

2- We then look at the content of the site to make sure that matching keywords are found on pages as well as Alt Tags for images used.

3- Then we pull the trigger and have our systems start a blitz submission champagne to over 500,000 listing systems, directories and Search Engines.

How many times do I need to do this?

Most websites only need this once unless their is a LARGE change in content because search engines crawl your website daily on their own once they know your their.

Don’t be fooled into a monthly fee for submission!

Business In The Black is submitted once a year only because we add more services or we change the website drastically and as you can see we are on the top of Google and other Search Engines all the time.

Still not convinced?

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We will send you the report and you can choose to use us or your own webmaster to give your website a Booster Shot.

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 Promo Code: FREESHOT   The sooner you start boosting your website, the faster your website will start rising in search results. Please let us know if you have any questions and we would be happy to help you. You can reach us by email or call 214-509-6678 from 10am to 10pm Mon-Sun