Digital Billboard Ads

Start your own Digital Signage business!

A true “Business In A Box”

No High Startup Costs – No Special Requirements

Get Started for as little as $200

Make $1,000’s a Month from 1 system!

Set Your Own Ad Prices and set Your Own Profits

Control All your ADs from Home via the Internet

  • We supply everything you need start selling digital billboard ads from day one. Control your ads remotely from the comfort of home, while on vacation or on the other side of the world.
  • Step by Step business plan with all the tools and marketing materials you need to get clients. No need to make calls or go door to door selling your service. Our system allows you to setup your billboard system and have clients come to you for sales.
  • Network Owners get a complete professional website, branded with their business name and contact information allowing you to set your own prices and deals. Control up to 99 systems from one account with massive income capability. Take payments and ad submission from your website and much, much more.
Static Display Ads 90% effective Each system rotates ads in two places randomly from an ad gallery that you update via the Internet.The larger left side of the screen is used for Display Ads while the right side is used for Specials or Sponsor ads.
Ad are easy to create and send to your systems on location from the comfort of your own home.
These same Ads are RSS fed to Social Networks like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and any other place allowing Media RSS connections.
Music The Display Ad area on the left can also handle music files. These files are send to each system by way of “Rich Media Subscription”.Rich Media replaces the Display Ads every 15 minutes or so to keep the audience entertained and engaged while all the time being advertised to.
With Music the system displays random hypnotic patterns that change with beat and pitch making it hard for anyone look away for minutes at a time.
Videos & Commercials Videos are also subscribed to via “Rich Media Subscription” from channels of various subjects.Rich Media is provided by the OPN TV NETWORK and not directly by A to Z Mini Billboards or Digital Adverting Media.
Videos are 30 to 90 seconds long to keep the bandwidth low and the interest high.

We have 2 Plans to choose from.

Free Public Systems:

In this model A to Z allows you to download the software and install on your own PC completely FREE. There is a onetime $50 fee to join the A to Z Mini Billboard network so we can setup your account. There is a fee of $25 for each Ad Server (PC) you setup in your account with a max of 99 systems per account.

To remain a FREE System A to Z controls the Sponsor side of the screen (the Right Vertical side).

A to Z will never sell ads that compromised the location where your system is installed. A to Z also brands each system with “Powered By A to Z Mini Billboards” in the bottom right hand corner to promote new users.

At anytime you can change to a Private System by paying $25 a month per location and that’s it.

Paid Private Systems:

Everything is the same as above in the Free Pubic System but for each Ad Server (PC) you have in service there is a $25 a month hosting fee much like that of a pre-paid cell phone plan. Each month is paid for in advance for the next month’s service.

A to Z removes the “Powered By A to Z Mini Billboards” from each system and we have no ad space to sell on your system.

It’s up to you on how you want to start and at anytime you can charge from a FREE to a PAID and vice versa within the pay period.

Three Ways to setup your Private Business:

  1. Host a System at your own location and sell ads for profit
  2. Host a system at a location you don’t own and share in the sold ad profits


Work from Home or add to your existing business
No need to quit your current job. Start part time, work from home or just do it as a retirement plan and keep your present job.
Anyone can do it!
Don’t through away your money on MLMs or get rich quick scams. All the information required to start is included in our turnkey system package. Very little technical experience required and no complicated books to read or follow. If you can operate a TV and upload images to MySpace you can do this too and make good money doing it.
You can load up to 1000 ads on each Ad Server and A to Z does not charge you any extra.
No complicated scheduling software to learn how to use, our systems give all your clients an equal display time over a 30 day period by actively looking at ads displayed and making adjustments on the fly called the “Smart Popcorn Affect”. …. More Here
Our systems are controlled via the Internet from anyplace in the WORLD:
No media cards or USB drives to carry around from location to location. Run your entire Digital Advertisement Business from the comfort of your own home or while on vacation on the other side of the world. More about the control software here.
Install our Ad Servers in mobile places like Taxi Cabs, Busses, Trains, Trolley Cars and Limos and still control them remotely via the web. ….. More on this here
Your Ads are Socially Feed to Social Media Networks too via MRSS technology! …. More here ….

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The split screen option allows you to get sponsors that effectively make your new Digital Billboard business FREE and earning you almost 100% profits. …. See how this works here
Share ad sales across the country by connecting to other A to Z Mini Billboard owners making your Digital Billboard business a real community advertisement system.
Download our software demo and see how it works on your own PC here.
We also teach you how to get your new business off the ground 100% FREE with online Webinars, phone training and live training at our Dallas headquarters. Call for details on our training classes and to RSVP since seating is limited.

General Office: 214-509-6678 / Hours: 10:30am to 10pm