Political Package $249

Campaign & Political WordPress Theme

These Pro Political Themes are meant to make you look good, professional and make you stand out as a trusted candidate for the people. These themes are definitely fast, with a rating of 87/100 on Google Pagespeed, which is just a proof of the fact that this theme is also SEO optimized.

BuddyPress ready (1.6)
! This feature will allow you to easily create your own social circle, because you’re the candidate, and social networking with the people is an extremely important asset to have today. All the major US political candidates haven’t won a term, without a little bit of Social Media. BuddyPress with various add-ons will help you, will help you achieve things you never thought you would. Be a part of a vibrant open-source project, join in!

The theme features a unique styling for the Events and WP Email Capture plugins enabling you to easily plan events with advanced functionality and collect emails for your campaign.

We give you a choice of 4 themes to choose from provided by ThemePress


Please choose from this list of political themes:

1 – http://www.themeblossom.com/candidate/

2 – http://politic.webtemplatemasters.com/

3 – http://themes.themolitor.com/wppolitico/

4 – http://demo.icypixels.com/politic/


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