secret tic-tac-toe font

Hey you guys Darnell here,

Back in the 5th grade I created a secret code character set and won the Weekly Reader award for the year. I won 5 years of National Geographic magazines which was pretty cool.

Anyway, after all those years I finally turned that 5th grade code writing into a Font Set that you can use to send secret messages back and forth to your friends.

No one but you and that friend can read the messages by translating the messages with the secret font set installed on your systems.

The trick is to write something in normal font style and then select the Tic-Tac_toe set then send with font set locked turned on or in a PDF. The receiver can only read it if they have that font set installed and would not know what it is if not.

Enjoy, oh the stuff I did as a kid…..

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You can download both the PC and MAC version below so enjoy.