Roku Channels

You can have your own Roku TV channel set up and start raking in subscribers and ad revenue…

Only $49 a month with no contracts

What is Roku?

In addition to providing content from broadcast TV and movie studios, Roku lets your small business create a TV channel. If television channel development sounds out of the realm of possibilities for your company, you can thank digital technology for making it happen. 

We can help you get your video content onto millions of TVs around the world!

Goodbye YouTube, hello Roku.

Right now, Roku channels are currently watched by 26 MILLION Americans… with Roku installed on 1 in 3 devices in the U.S alone!

And that’s why major streaming companies like YouTube, Netflix and Disney are already on Roku…

Because they know the truth…

… Roku is exploding

  • 1 in 3 devices have Roku installed and used for news and entertainment. That’s more than Apple TV!
  • Roku users stream an average of 48hrs per month — that’s higher than the national U.S average number of hours spent watching regular TV!
  • A lifehacker poll of 10,000 video streamers placed Roku #1… beating Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox and Amazon Fire TV!

Roku is like the good old days of YouTube…

  • Hardly any competition
  • Millions of viewers

You can even fill your new Roku channels with other people’s Vimeo videos (with their permission) of course so you don’t have to create any videos yourself to have a channel.

In the past, Roku was out of reach for most people…

You had to write and edit code, screw around with tons of different websites and companies, dealing with endless manuals and documentation from Roku and 3rd party websites…

What we did at DAM is to simplify this process and make it so affordable that anyone with video content could have their very own TV channel that could be streamed to anyone in the world with a Roku system.

The 6 steps are simple:

Step 1: Purchase our Roku Channel Setup package for $49

Step 2: Sign Up for a Vimeo account with the starter plan for $7 a month

Step 3: Upload your videos to Vimeo so we can use them for your new Roku channel

Step 4: Work with us on your artwork and description for the channel/videos

Step 5: Test the channel on your own TV with a Roku player

Step 6: Publish the channel and you are done.