Now, you can begin reaping the benefits of offering your customers advanced web design & development solutions. You can:
Add a significant stream of revenue by providing customers with a professional, fast, and convenient web design & development solution.
Partner with us & build a new online revenue stream for your business!
We are interested in partnering with highly motivated businesses who want to profit from offering our great web services to their clients. By partnering with us you can be assured that your clients will receive the best web design services available.
Private Label Opportunities:
Our Private Label Web Design Reseller Program allows you to maintain total control over your business. You can continue to operate under your own brand name and offer solutions tailored to meet your customers’ needs. We remain anonymous, allowing you to build your own successful Internet business. It’s that simple. If your clients have technical questions, you serve as the first line of support, forwarding any question you can’t answer to our support staff.
Unbeatable Benefits:
Once you join our web design reseller program you will receive wholesale prices on our web design, maintenance, web promotion and hosting services. Yes, even lower than our already great value retail prices.
The freedom to charge whatever you like. What you charge your clients for these services is your business. We know of some partners who successfully charge 3 times our retail prices!
By becoming part of the Business In The Black Reseller Program you’ll be able to provide your customers with high quality websites to suit their needs. Authorized BIB Resellers are able to purchase products for resale at a price that you fix. You’ll also be able to bundle BIB products as part of your custom solutions to fit you and your client’s needs (based on our approval).
There are 3 types of Resellers and they are listed below:

1 – Basic Resellers:
A basic reseller has an account with BIB so they can purchase web site packages and then resell the web service for a profit at what ever price you want over and above the wholesale cost. Click here to become a basic Reseller

2 – Advanced Resellers with their own websites:
An advanced reseller would have their own website and offer the services online. They would have online demos and example designs for possible clients to choose from. If you already have a website of your own, just add our web service to it to expand your own brand. Click here to become a Basic or Advanced Reseller

Private Label Reseller Package

Only $79

This package is not free and comes with a website of your own to sell from based on our WordPress designs. See more here about WordPress packages

3 – Private Label Reseller Website package $79:
If you are starting from zero and want to have your own website designed to sell our services we can do that too for a one time $79. This would have all that you need to start your own web service business using our Reseller WordPress based Package.

Click here to order a Resellers Website Package

Reseller site includes:

  • Home page explaining website packages offered
  • Link to Demo site
  • Website order form
  • Shopping Cart Plug-in with Paypal payments setup in your name and account
  • Full CMS backend using WordPress for adding pages and content on your own for other business if you like
  • One year of hosting and free domain name included ( $99 a year after the first free year to keep it)
  • See more about the WordPress CMS Package here.

How do you get clients?

  • MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Ning and more
  • Place small ads in the paper
  • Word of mouthWatch for small companies that don’t already have a website
  • Offer your Church web services and to upgrade them to the power of CMS technology

As a reseller we encourage you to maintain the relationship with your clients, however should clients need our help or advice we are happy to provide it on your behalf. We also will do the follow ups and upgrades at our own hourly rates totally transparent to you.

If you have any questions please contact us and you will be contacted by a representative or join now and start your own business for FREE.

If you have a low volume, or run a heavily trafficked website you may also want to consider the benefits of becoming an affiliate, which enables you to simply direct your visitors to our website and pick up on 30 to 50% of every sale made by that visitor.