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BIB QR Code Business Card

It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s affordable at $10!


You’re out and about when you meet a potential client, you’re introduced to an associate, or you get to a networking function and for whatever reason, you don’t have any business cards with you or you run out. This problem is permanently solved with a Mobile Business Card.

Our Mobile Business Cards are Mobile Sites that work on 100% of the Smart Phones in use today.To deliver your Mobile Business Card we provide a few ways for you to deliver your new mobile website. We create a QR Code that you can email, place on websites and social networks and once scanned your mobile site comes up.

Test mine by scanning the QR Code below.

Your Mobile Site can be customized to just about anything and as a bonus we create a few more helpful QR Codes to use too.

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youtube interview
QR Youtube Interview with BIB
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Author: darnellsmith