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$35 is equal to 1 hour of labor credit. Read below to see how many hours you need to have for various services.


Labor in Hours at $35 per hour can be used for any extra setup or configuration of web service

Each $35 is equal to 1 Credit hour

*Installing and Setup of plugins for WordPress: We charge $35 min. and we can install about 4-6 plugins for each credit hour purchased.

One on One Training:

Training is charged at $35 per hour and only an hour at time. It takes about 1 hour to learn how to use the basics if you don’t like the videos. Register Here for Training

Labor Rates based on $35 per hour

Adding Shopping Cart Products:

10-15 products for $35.00. Products must have image, price and description ready for adding to the website. We will resize images for you if you have trouble.

Extra Pages not included in your packages $10.00 each but a min of $35 an hour.

We will take each page you submit in WORD and have our content editors do research to maximize the SEO. Each page will have Meta Tags, Description and Keywords created for them for better relevance. Our base rate is $35.00 per page with graphics and discounts as more pages are purchased.

Custom Theme Design
$75.00 each – Theme changes using one of our own listed in the demo area will be customized with your images, logo and color changes if possible.


Website Boosting $9.99 to $49.99 – What is Website Boosting? Boosting is a when you push a website’s URL to thousands of Search Engines, Directories and Listing services all over the Internet all at one time.


In person meetings $35 an hour –

Some clients feel better to meet me in person with their design ideas which is great for the client but not good at all for BIB due to the time involved. At the end of the day we need content in a digital format and this needs to be done by way of email. Pages and Pictures need to be send in a Word and image format respectfully as listed in step 2 and 3 of our 5 step design process.

Site Backups and Transfers to new host $105.00 (3 credit hours)

Sometimes it might be necessary to move a WordPress website from one host to another. This is not a simple task and takes more than a few hours of work. The database and all files have to be backed up and transferred to the new host and connected to a new database. The easiest way is to create a new website with a new domain name and migrate it there from the old site but you would have a different domain. The hard way is to do a complete backup and then change the domain’s DNS and finally transfer all files and database. There is never a guarantee that the new hosting will work 100% with your old site.

Adding SSL certificate to sites hosted by BIB $35 (1 hour)

You will have to first purchase a SSL Certificate from the BIB hosting control panel and then I can install the proper plugins and complete the installation and setup.

System Installs from damage or you get HACKed. $70.00

This requires hours of work and not all modules or plugins will carry over if the reinstall is a higher versions above what you had installed.

This will include fixing your site if it gets hacked for any reason.

Note: Sometimes it is not possible to get all your old data back if you get hacked to deep. Backup of Site or HACKER Insurance $35.00

We create a backup of your SQL database which is your text and page content as well as a backup of your images. This will allow your site to be restored in the case of getting HACKED.

Note that we have to do this BEFORE you get HACKED or your site is damaged. We send you the files as well as keep a copy. 

Basic Labor Rate: ( $35 hourly )

Additional information

Labor Credit

1 hour of web service, Adding an Extra Page, Adding Shopping Cart Products, In person meeting, One on One Training, Renew Hosting, Site Backups and Transfers to new host, System Re-installs from damage or you get HACKed, Un-Hack My Site

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