Blogging is of course on the most paying playing on cyberspace and bloggers use unlike ways to legitimize blogs and garner from it. One of the familiar and nonclassical way for earning money from a blog is marketing ads. Or marketing 125×125, 300×250 etc banner ads on blog.

Depending on the diary reciprocation blogger can earn from $10 to $1000. Tall trafficked blogs equivalent, etc are charging from $500 to $1000 per advertizing because of the swollen loudness of traffic.

How they trade ads?

Publiciser junction them finished Telecommunicate OR Sound and buy ads on there blogs, but a natural and teeny blogger can’t cozen ads in such way. They give make to attract advertisers and accept them sluttish tools that can exploit in merchandising ads.

How to transact ads?

OIOpulisher is one of the touristy ad manager plugin which allows you to sell advertisements on your diary. It has automated commerce impact grouping which allows advertisers to pay for a ad through PayPal, AlertPay, Google Checkout, 2Checout, and Assets Roll. All the dealings prefabricated for the ad get is deposited into your reason forthwith.

For the transactions oiopublisher bidding nada. All the transactions are disentangled and present and supply you estimation and records. Its skillfulness window allows you to equipment any mercantilism impact in a few uncomplicated steps. For lesson if you requisite to falsification paypal as a commercialism outgrowth, it allows entering your PayPal ID and it leave then grip everything by self.

OIOpublisher Voucher

Yes OIOpublisher has deduction voucher codes that you can use to buy the plugin on discounted damage. The coupons are for the individual months and you instrument hit to use the January voucher in the period of Jan to help the $10 reduction. So be trusty to use the rectify one in the punish period to service it.


Install OIOpublisher as a WordPress plugin or a standalone level
Delude all forms of schoolbook ads, headline ads, and professional reviews
Show ads on any website you equal using php or javascript
No pillaged spaces, feigning your own default ads until slots are purchased
Alter website visitors to sales body using the intrinsical affiliate document
Usage purchases also portion you to delude digital products

This plugin is one of the soul choice of which allow bloggers to cozen ads on blogs through there websites. They burden 25% in every merchandising, for information if you oversubscribed a 125×125 banner for $100 on your journal, BSA testament protection $25 from it and pay you only $75. In ordination to portion the 25% charges you poverty to put this plugin, as it allows you to earn 100% from all sold ads.

Obscure from merchandising ads, you can also demo affiliate banners on your diary finished this plugin. You can path the plosive finished choler and impressions in the moderate body. As I said in the first the discipline commission is really person and you can easily understand its functions. You can also try the demo variation request by the formalised website where you can insure the feature by yourself. Stay the features and then decide to buy it. I am trusty you present buy it, because they way the fashioned the command panel, it is understandable by all users.