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Video Business Card using Animercials

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What is a Video Business Card?

Think of it like a Business Card on the internet with Streaming Video (NOT YOUTUBE) streamed privately from our servers, links to contact you and more. It's simple and to the point and what many of my clients have been asking me to come up with for a long time under $50.

No Monthly fees / No Contracts / No Startup charges / No MLMs

Make money from your VBCard from our free affiliate system

Why not just use YouTube?

* No links back to other videos and your competitors

* Hosted on it's own server space

* Removed from YouTube spam

* Clean and easy to navigate for better performance and sales

Who would use a Video Business Card?

* Vendors showing off their products

* Market Places looking for Vendors

* Business People

* As a personal page private from other MySpaces, YouTubes and Facebooks

* Real-Estate Brokers and Agents

* Authors, Writers and Publishers

* What ever you can think of

You can't bet the price for what you get and in many cases this is all you need for a website and getting the word out about yourself and or business.

The VBCard has 9 places to customize to make this a great online marketing tool for just about any type of business. The colors of the buttons and the background can be specified when ordering your own VBCard.

What's included in a Video Business Card package?

* 1 Free domain name (

* 1 Year of hosting

* 1 pop3 email accounts based on the domain name (

* Webmail account for checking and sending email

Can I change my video from time to time?

Yes, but we charge $15 per change due to the nature of customization of the system. We give breaks to those that require changes often. Please contact us for more on updating deals.

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