Social Shock Marketing $10

Social Shock Marketing Campaigns

only $10 Each

What is Social Shock Marketing?

You take a Shocking or Emotionally Charged story and use it for marking a product or service of your own that has little to do with the topic. For example the picture above shows two men kissing which in itself is not out of the ordinary these days. The fact these two men look like clergy creates a multitude of emotions for many people and almost force the viewer to read more about the article behind it. Once a visitor is taken to the article our software hides and can be timed, activated on entry or exit to display an advertisement . This could be an Ad, Feedback Form, Discount Coupon or any other bit of information.

How is it used?

We create a special link that can be Shared Socially on just about any Social website like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Dig and more. The more Shocking the story is the more people will want to click and read it which in turn gets more people to see your waiting Ninja AD that shows shortly after.

Seeing a demo is worth a thousand words

This link would produce the post below on Face Book. Try the link yourself and see how your the ad pops up when you try to leave the article even though it is not hosted on our servers.



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