How to use the Audience file

How Do I Set Up Custom Audiences?
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Once we send you a Custom Target Audience you have it download the file, you’ll want to have Google Chrome up and logged into your Facebook account. Navigate to your Ads Manager and now you will see “Power Editor”, this will ONLY work in Chrome.
While in the Power Editor find a link named “Audiences” to show a list of saved audience list.
A pop-up will load asking for you to upload your Custom Audience file. Upload the Targeted Audience we have created for you and Facebook will match this list up with Facebook Users. This could take a few minutes to an hour before the list will be ready for use with your new Ad Campaign.
Once the audience has finished uploading in Facebook, you can click it and then click “create ad using audience” to set up an ad or you can click the Custom Audience tab from the ad editor.