Business In The Black now creates these Highly Targeted Custom Audiences for you at a very low price.

Select a package that best fits your budget as low as $10

What Are Facebook Custom Audiences?

Let’s say you have need a Targeted audience for a new product, service or awareness campaign and you’d love to be able to run Facebook ads that show only to those possible customers. Up to this point, you didn’t have a way to do this. Now, with Facebook Custom Audiences, you now can upload your customer list Facebook User ID’s for Facebook to hash the data against its users to find matches. Pretty cool, eh? We can find you an audience or we can convert your existing customers to a Facebook Audience just using their emails or phone numbers.

Creating Target Audiences?

Most new and or small businesses don’t have a list of leads and have no idea where to go to get them until now. BIB provides a very cost effective service of Mining these 100% Targeted Facebook Users for you. We will package the Facebook User IDs and Email addresses for you in a CSV or TXT file so you can create your Facebook Custom Audience and use for your next Facebook Ad Campaign.

BIB can create a Targeted Custom Audience for you for as little as $10 for 500 Facebook Users. We can get the Facebook users from any Group (Open, Closed or Private), Fan Page, Comments and Event listings. WOW, now that’s power!

Need more than 500 Targeted Users? We have packages from 50 to 250,000 to fit everyone’s Social Marketing budget.

BIB can also create a Targeted Audience from your own customer data and you can layer on any of the other Facebook Advertising targeting options on top of it. (age range, marital status, state, city, zip, interest and etc.)

For instance, let’s say BIB finds Facebook ID’s for 70% of your current customers from their Email addresses or phone numbers. Now you have a Custom Audience of these folks that you can run a Facebook ad to. The people in this list can be filtered to only Washington DC and not liking your fan page yet for example. The options for targeted marketing are pretty limitless and BIB will show you how to maximized this Audience for future marketing.

We can Create and Manage Ad Campaign too!

BIB charges only $25 to Create and Manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns over the Facebook charge. For instance, let’s say you wanted to run a $50 Facebook Ad campaign to a select audience. BIB would charge you the $50 that goes to Facebook and $25 to Create and Manage the Ad Campaign. You get weekly updates on Statistics and balance on the ad funding from the $50. A $50 campaign can last for over a month and have a reach of Millions.

We create the catchy image or use one you provide as well as ad the needed information to complete the ad and all the filter settings for targeting the right audience.

How Can I Use Custom Audiences?

There are so many ways to use the marketing power and here are just a few:

  • Drive Facebook Likes
  • Drive Sales/Conversions to your website
  • Drive Newsletter Signups for Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Selling a Product or Service
  • Running for Office
  • More….

The potential targeting options with Custom Audiences is pretty vast, so I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities I missed. Now it’s up to your to just market blindly or target your marketing to a pre-qualified Audience.

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