Increase your business by generating more fans, leads and sales from your Facebook pages using cutting-edge software technology!

“Likes” are not only a popularity badge. They are a powerful promotion tool that helps strengthen the connection between fans and organizations/products/individuals. Studies held amongst serial Facebook likers indicate that people who “like” a brand are more likely to spend more money on that brand, more likely to recommend the brand to their friends, and more likely to continue purchasing this brand in the future. This means that the Like button has strong implications on the relationship between the “Liked” and those who like them, both online and offline.

BIB’s New Facebook Marketing Services

I have cracked open or should I say hacked into the APIs of Facebook and wrote some powerful software that allows me to pull some amazing information from Facebook so that I can offer these new services. With the ability now to pull Pin Point Targeted Member Emails and UIDs directly from any Open or Closed Facebook Group, Fan Page, Events, Posts and even Comments.

Facebook Emails and User Ids

Now before you start jumping up and down with amazement let me say that Facebook emails cannot be used for old fashioned email spamming because it’s not allowed and will go to bit bucket heaven. These emails can be used for inviting people to like your Fan Page with up to 5000 at a time in 48 hours. This would be a one shot boost to any new or old Fan Page that just has no momentum. For safety only 1000 would be used to prime the Fan Page pump so to speak. The targeted UIDs (User Ids) are used to create direct targeted Facebook ads instead of displaying your ads to random members based on location and subject. Using this method would allow you to use the cheaper CPM method and be seen by millions of people for less than $50 a campaign.

Note: Max 25 Sources (Groups, Events or Fan Pages) used max when gathering targeted users.

Facebook User EBlast

To round off the Facebook marketing we add the power of Facebook EBlasting. This is where BIB logs in to your account and sends out 50 Targeted Messages directly to the Facebook User. This is so powerful that we only offer this in packs of 50 and no larger or your account could get shut down.

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