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Let me take the time to introduce you to one of my own projects near and dear to my heart which is designed to create jobs while at the same time helping the community as well as businesses. (Download PowerPoint Overview here)


This program will hit the public this month and named the “Metro City Billboards” network. The website with the same name will be active within a few days.



What is Metro City Billboards?


Picture a information distribution system which combines Radio, TV, Social Media and Digital Signage technology all rolled into one. Much like a television that can display Static ADs, provide LIVE or Pre-Recorded Radio programs, LIVE or Pre-recorded Video which is controlled remotely via the Internet.


The content updated every hour on the hour with no influence from the government or corporate America and owned by the people with no FCC restrictions.


Imagine this system placed in all the local businesses like Doctor’s offices, Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Grocery Stores, Auto Service locations, Restaurants, Check Cashing places and just about any other place that people spend time in across the US. A complete network of MEDIA SERVERS all over the country with a purpose not motivated by the greed riches but the purpose of information distribution and job creation.



Who will pay for the system?


Each system is paid for in one of two ways, Business Sponsorships and or Crowd Funding.


Business Sponsorship works much like any other sponsorship by giving dedicated advertisement on the system to the business or person that sponsors the system. Much like an ATM machine where logos, ads and even the business name is placed prominently on and in the system for the sponsored time purchased by the sponsor. This time is normally for 1 year and the cost is $750.


Crowd Funding is when many people donate a small amount like $5 and up in return for gifts of gratitude like T-Shirts, Mugs or even a free advertisement in the systems they fund.


As systems are purchased and sponsored they are placed in various locations that want to be part of this community network. These places share in the advertisement profits at a 30% level.

How are jobs created?


I created a commonly used Affiliate Sales program that allows anyone to become a sales person for any and all active systems. Affiliate Sales partners are paid 50% commission for each and every advertisement sold with no exceptions. These static ads are sold at a flat $50 a month per location which gives them $25 per sale.


There is no experience required to become an Affiliate Sales Partner but training is provided FREE via in person workshops and LIVE webinars that can be watched in the comfort of the home. Each Affiliate Sales Partner gets a unique ID and web page that they can sell advertisement from which allows 100% tracking for commission.


The greatest thing is that anyone is qualified to have a job:


  • No background checks
  • No Height Requirements
  • X Felons welcomes
  • Vets Welcomed
  • Handicapped are welcomed
  • The homeless are welcomed
  • Kids are welcomed
  • All that want to earn money are welcomed


Everyone wins while earning commissions in the process!


The business model of Metro City Billboards is designed for all parties to benefit from the Digital Billboards network by using a community sharing structure.


The location that hosts the Digital Signage system gets 30% of all the advertisement sold for their system. Sales people get 50% of all they sell and this is for any system in the network much like an Affiliate structure. Metro City Billboards (me) get the remaining 20% from all advertisement sold into the entire network of AD Servers.


Advertisers win because ads only cost $50 a month per location with no contract whatsoever. This allows for market testing of products, monthly specials, GEO location advertisement, target marketing, product awareness, company branding and much more.


Advertisers can have QRCodes, TAG Codes or Texting Codes on their ads for tracking and statistics ad no additional charge. Ads are pushed to Social Networking streams the same time they are displayed on the digital signage displays on location.


Are you ready to get involved with Metro City Billboards?

Do you have a location for hosting a Digital Billboard?
Would you like to sponsor a Digital Billboard and have your ads shown for 1 year for $750?
Would you like to sell ads for any or all our Digital Billboards and earn 50% commission ($25 per ad)?

If you answered YES to anyone of the question above please give me a call so you can get started right away helping your community.

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