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By - darnellsmith

How to Set Up a FREE Twitter Auto-Responder

How to Set Up a Twitter Auto-Responder

The original post is here

This is such a great hack that I had to repost this for you all.


1.    Create a Twitter App

  • Sign into with your Twitter account. Create a new app, add your own website and the callback URL ( and then write a description.
  • Click the settings tab and select Read and Write for the Application Type. To save your work, click Update.
  • Then head over to the OAuth tool tab and write down the Consumer Secret and Consumer Key.

2.    Create an Auto-Responder Script

  • Go to and copy the script. Now paste the auto-responder script in Google Drive.
  • Choose the beginning and ending days for when you’ll be away. Also enter the Twitter app keys and your Twitter handle.
  • Next, click on Run -> Start to initialize the auto-responder. If asked to authorize access to Google Script services, click on Yes.
  • Select Run -> Start again, which will prompt an “Authorization Required” box. Give authorization for the script to connect to your Twitter account, and your Twitter auto-responder is now complete.

Now every time you get a new follower they will get the response you create in the script.A good thing here is not to spam folks but be polite and thank them for following you and maybe give them your website for more information.

Here is the script if you’re having trouble copying it from the site above, download a text file version here –  auto responder for twitter


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