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The “Urgent Google Fix” Report & Script


In order to get the most out of both the Google fix script and the report – we highly recommend that you follow the 3 simple steps below to access it all…

Step 1: Read The “Urgent Google Fix” Report

Not only will the report give you the background information necessary to understand why and how the Google fix script works as well as it does. The report will also reveal 4 critical common sense SEO steps that anyone looking to build traffic to their blogs need to follow.

As a bonus we also show you the best way to build links, get quality content and rank your blog high in Google, without ever having to write a single word!

Step 2: Watch The Video & Install The Script On Your Blogs

The video below will guide you step-by-step through how to add the Google Fix script to your blogs and sites…

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Download the eBook here [download id=”74″] read first before watching the video.


Add the script below to your blogs and sites right before the </body> in your blog footer (see video above for details) and on your other HTML sites.

NB: you must use Google Analytics on your site for the script to work (see video for how to use GA with WordPress), but it does not matter if you are using the new or old tracking codes.

 Posted on : March 17, 2013
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