Custom Mobile Apps

Custom  Mobile App for your Business Website

As low as $100

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We will create a custom Mobile App for you based on your current website or the like that visitors can download and install on their Mobile devices. These apps are great for traffic, customer connections and content delivery.

Website Apps Actually Made for a Phone

Cross Platform Compatible for Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry and more.


Great New Mobile App Design

With BIB you get cross platform powered apps that feed MRSS like Video, Audio, RSS, Twitter, and Facebook pages now boasting a new look, fresh graphics, and improved layouts. In addition, the in-app photo viewer now provides smoother transitions and improved responsiveness to user gestures. Similarly, the YouTube video player offers an improved viewing flow and now enables users to click and view videos directly in the main YouTube feed.

Native Windows Phone (WP) Mobile Apps

BIB apps now supports WP, enabling the creation of native apps that feature WP’s native interface and specialized design.

Specialized Audio Player

Native powered apps now include a specialized audio player that automatically plays the mobile app’s audio tracks in sequence, and appears on all of the app’s pages.
What’s more, the audio player is available to users even when the mobile app is minimized on the mobile device.

Easy Viewing for RSS Posts

Improvements to RSS feeds now enable mobile users to view entire RSS posts in HTML format, including embedded images, directly in the app (no need to open Web View).

Better Social Features

We’ve added new, more advanced Facebook and Twitter features.
Facebook: App users can now ‘Like’ Facebook fan pages from within the apps. Users can also watch videos embedded in Facebook posts right in the app. In addition, all comments to Facebook posts are now displayed in the apps’ Facebook feeds.
Twitter: App users can now ‘follow’ Twitter accounts directly from the Mobile-powered apps. Users can also click Tweet links, enabling them to open and view profiles, timelines and hash tags. Additionally, all pictures included in Tweets are now displayed in the app’s Twitter feeds.

Enhancements to Web Version of Mobile Apps

Major improvements have been made to the web version of the apps, resulting in smoother scrolling and better responsiveness to user gestures.

New ‘About You’ Templates

You want to make sure users can keep in touch and easily find any locations you may post about, so we’ve created templates that will allow you to do just that.
About Us: Presents general info about you, including social buttons so users can follow your updates anywhere.
Call Us: Enables users to quickly and easily call you with a simple click.
Email Us: Be it for questions, issues, or compliments, users can email you in a click.
Maps: Your business or event is located where?? Display it on a map right in your app!

Here is a list of some client apps to test to see what is required.