Darnell goes through a ton of data and tailors the class to what the class is trying to do right at that moment. Very helpful!

Jeff Venable

Thanks so much, Darnell! Appreciate what you do for us!

Nicole Williamson

I was very pleased. Darnell conducted a great webinar workshop, exposing the attendees to an array of tips without overwhelming short-term recall. He was also attentive to questions and patiently handled the repeated disconnections of some attendees. When necessary he would rephrase his answers & even repeat them later in the lecture when the question was brought up again. *Note- The above was posted back in Jan. 2013 after I attended my first workshop in Darnell’s virtual classroom, but I see no need for edits because I remain just as satisfied today as I was then.

Cameron Gallucci

Very knowledgeable, patient and persistent. Excellent instructor.

Gillian Cunningham

Excellent!!!! Darnell is a treasure trove of knowledge about WordPress, Web Site design and promotion and Search Engine Optimization!

Jerry Henderson

I finally was on the same page. i think i must hear it a few more times. Darnell is very concise and informative.

Johnny mack

Knowledge shared without a upsell. Priceless.

clay mclaughlin

Darnell, My old brain is finally getting it (I think) Thanks for being so free with your knowledge.

Richard White

I can, have and will continue to learn a lot from Darnell. Learned as many actionable steps in a session as I have in two years of other groups, webinars and courses. His mission statement is true.

Eric Tress

Darnell Smith explains WordPress, from the simple to the complicated, from the perspective of one who knows a lot…but is willing to share.

Charlotte Ann Moore

A lot of Great Information. Interactive so that you can answer questions. Nice that we can Ask Questions and Get Answers!

VenusTheGenius on Nov 26, 2012

What a wonderful meetup group! Mr. Smith is good teacher, he is one of those rare individuals who can take a complicated topic and present it in an easy to understand manner. If you want to learn WordPress this is the place to do it! Mr. Smith thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge!

Nancy on Nov 13, 2012

The class today was great! very informative, good structure, clear demonstration, straight to the point. It was so helpful to me.

PT on Oct 15, 2012

The best of investment of my time for any meetup I have attended.

David on Oct 15, 2012

knowledgeable and patiently explained lot of information

sai gunturi on Oct 1, 2012

The best beginner training I have ever attended especially online.

Audrey Wiggins on Aug 26, 2012

Good instruction who has a genuine motive to help people become a better web site designer and business owner.

Hasson Diggs on Mar 26, 2012

The information is useful and it’s worth the time to come. Darnell Smith seems to know what he’s talking about pretty well.

Holly A. Copeland on Feb 11, 2012

Excellent – Really appreciate Darnell’s knowledge and sharing of information.

Brenda Taylor on Oct 4, 2013

Not sure if my entire review on this evenings 10/28/13 WordPress for Beginners webinar went through correctly. It was an excellent presentation and very informative. Thanks Darnell

Dan on Oct 28, 2013

So Far wonderful! Darnell shows great concern for his Co-Hearts. I hope he is for real. Some Web Techs are not. His approach seems to be Customer Service oriented and helping Business Owners like me manage their own site. Looks like he is super different. I hope so – the thought of controlling my own site is very liberating. Thank You!

Jeanie Garris on Oct 29, 2013
     Posted on : October 30, 2013