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PowerNetworking Conference in Dallas  TX

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The Looking Glass PC




















This could be your best travel companion in few years time


If the technologist will have their way then you'll soon see a transparent tablet guiding all tourists in coming years. Right now the "Looking Glass" PC is just a concept device, which could replace standalone GPS devices. Designed by a Tokyo resident Mac Funamizu, the tablet incorporates a camera/scanner, GPS and internet connectivity. "Just frame anything you desire behind the glass window, from a building, to a car or piece of art and the image will be analyzed and searched on any number of sites like Wikipedia, Google or Google Earth. Want to know about a word in a book or magazine? Simply frame it up and touch the word. Instant access to any number of learning aids eg. dictionary, thesaurus or reference databases will have you clued in in seconds."






















Transparent Tablet PC

Fujitsu Iris – Multi-Purpose and Transparent Tablet PC


We have seen a lot of tablet concepts and ideas though this one takes things to a new high. For here is a tablet device that has the capability to scan, has a transparent screen with augmented reality capabilities and then has many more added features which make the utility that this device can be put to almost seamlessly endless.

The coolest app is how you can use it for planning interior designing using Augmented Reality.

Two people can use the device at the same time with the segmentation feature in which they use the same bar used for scanning to divide the screens.

This tablet PC will very useful while travelling since it is equipped with excellent guiding system

The tablet concept has been the outcome of the efforts put in by a group of designers namely Liu Wei, Yao Kai Chi, Hong Ruei Hong, and Cheng Ya Fang.