Amazon Affiliate Package

Let us setup your very own money making Amazon Affiliate Store with WordPress

This is a demo of the Prosociate Amazon Affiliate Store Plugin Used

You will be up and running fast, with the perfect Amazon products for you niche and authority sites.

This is a LIVE Store that uses the Amazon Affiliate package


We don’t believe making money with Amazon should take a bunch of complicated configurations or messing with .htaccess files to make sure your links are SEO friendly like other plugins do…

Signing Up for an Amazon Affiliate Account

WooCommerce Shopping Cart!

With our Advanced Technology integration, your users can now experience a seamless online shopping experience like they would at thousands of online stores

We have meshed the Amazon API and WooCommerce to create the ultimate Amazon Affiliate shopping tool. Making your site visitors happy and your wallet even happier. Happy customers mean bigger profits and you get that and more.

Plus, you also get all the bells and whistles WooCommerce has to offer. Advanced navigation, thousands of ready made themes for plug and play site building, and customizable shortcodes for placing products anywhere on your site you want. Above, below, or right inside your content itself!

Instant High Converting Pages!

Create high converting Product pages in the click of a button. Let WooCommerce do the heavy lifting and watch your Profits go through the roof. All users have to do is shop!

Shop, Add to Cart, Buy!

Prosociate keeps Customers shopping on your site longer, adding more products to their Shopping Cart in the process! Our users have seen a 267% increase in profits from Amazon over any other product, store builder, or plugin!

We have ways for creating your new Amazon Store

Just get the plugins / Have Use Install It / Have us build the entire Amazon Store



Super $99 Website Deal for only 10 people!

That’s right from time to time we get crazy and have crazy promotional deals for custom websites. This is a very special deal that I wish you the best on because we are only doing 10 of these.

Here’s the deal and remember there are only going to be 10 sold!

(You need to have your own Domain Name & Hosting)


What you get in this Special Limited package:

We can help you develop an effective site at an affordable cost.

1. Up to 11 pages added for you with social media links

  • WordPress platforms installed for you if not installed already
  • Pages will consist of Home About Us, Services, Galleries, Blog, Contact Us and other Tabs (your choice). Number of pages based on package selection.
  • Unlimited pages can be added by you via the built-in Word like content editor 24/7.
  • Static header with or slideshow with dynamics
  • Inserted and dynamic Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog RSS feed, Flickr, and “add this” share button (more available)
  • Facebook “like” and Google+ buttons added
  • Blog integrated into the site as a page with RSS feed for Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn
  • Blog feed into a text box on home page as a widget
  • slideshow photo gallery act as a slideshow with thumbnail navigation (many designs to choose from)
  • video slide show module with supplied photos (changeable and linked to YouTube Channel)
  • custom and dynamic footer
  • back link page for inbound links (great for Google Rankings)
  • Contact form page that allows someone to receive the inquiry in their inbox (create unlimited forms)

2. Theme designs for both Standard and Mobile* connections:

  • Theme designed in real-time with you looking at our screen via your computer over the internet
  • Custom Header in Static images or Flash Slideshow from provided images
  • Dynamic header changes for each page if required (you can change at anytime)
  • Mobile Theme design for mobile connections with auto detection installed or mobile app redirection.
  • Completely Responsive design

3. Social Media Optimization

  • Graphic buttons that click through to your Facebook, YouTube and Flickr
  • “Share This” widget on important text pages and home page for people to forward your information to their friends.
  • Facebook “Like” button integration
  • Blog Feed widget to display previews of your latest blog entries on the home page
  • Social media badges and/or widgets to feature your profiles and activity on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube
  • Mobile version of site or “mini site” for mobile use with auto detect of mobile connections

4. Blog Special Features

  • Blog will match website for a seamless look and interactive experience
  • Visitors will not leave website when they click on blog
  • RSS “Subscribe Here” link and RSS feed of blog entries.
  • Ability to categorize and tag each blog entry.
  • Visitors can browse entries by category and by date.
  • Facebook “Like Box” integrated
  • Keyword rich blog entries and tags to increase search engine optimization (SEO)

5. Ecommerce plug-in to Monetize your website (with ecommerce Package):

  • Complete Shopping cart system for handling Tangible (shipped merchandise) and None Tangible (digital downloads like music and ring tones) sales
  • Unlimited product control at no extra cost
  • Sell digital downloads of music ring tones
  • Multiple pictures per product
  • Full Rich text descriptions with images and links
  • multiple shipping and payment options
  • much more

6. Website Submission:

  • Submission to over 100,000 search engines, directories and lists all over the world including Google, AOL, Bing and Yahoo to name a few.
  • Google Places setup
  • Google Analytics setup and installed so you receive weekly reports of traffic and general ratings
  • Basic Training overview of how to use WordPress via Live Webinar
  • Newsletter System for sending mass emails to members
  • Feedback Form system for creating forms
  • Advertising System for selling ads
  • Image Gallery System
  • System Document Handler for download documents

Free WordPress Plugin

Micro Commitment Style Quizzes and Surveys Increase Conversions.
And You Can Do This With This FREE Plugin!

Look – I just came across something really cool and I just wanted to let you in on this thing… It’s a neat little trick called bridge marketing.

Now, there’s a new tool hitting the marketing on the 16th of March, called Social Lead Chief. And the guys behind this are dropping some intense value bombs in the days towards the launch, starting today!

Actually right now, you can get some important training on why bridge marketing is so important, and how it will help you increase your business.

These guys are even giving you a WordPress plugin for FREE that could’ve been easily sold as a product it self. But it seems that’s just not their style…

Video of how it works here

Loyalty Card Template

Smart Loyalty Card System $49

Loyalty Card System

Only $49 to $199

Now you can offer Membership Cards, Discounts Cards, Gift Cards and more!

You can easily brand, issue, and process your own secure gift cards, loyalty cards, or membership cards. You can start your own affordable loyalty program by replacing old-fashioned paper gift certificates and punch card frequency programs with our smart Loyalty Card system.

How does it work?

1 – You give your customers a way to sign up for your program which we build for you. This can be a link to a site, a website just for your Loyalty Program or code embedded in your current website.

2 – Create Cards (Paper or Plastic) or even a table top Flyer for those that don’t have smart phones with a link to your Loyalty Signup form.

  • QRCodes or TAG Codes are added to your Table Top forms for Smart Phone access
  • List a direct URL for those that can’t scan in the code or just want to join at home on their PCs.

3 – Clients signup with their contact information that you now can track, verify and download the data for future marketing.

Now take all these contacts and drip market to them with specials, deals, discounts and more!


We have 2 ways for you to use the Smart Loyalty Card System

A link to a web page or Integrated into your site

We can even build you a website just for your Loyalty Card System

DEMO Activation Page


   DEMO Activation Embedded page


Manage your Loyalty Card owners with a stand alone Desktop Application

The Smart Loyalty Card System can Manage the Following Functions:

  • Collect Customer Information
  • Send Marketing Information to Customers
  • Loading and managing specific cardholder details
  • Personalization and configuration
  • Track Stats
  • GEO Tracking with TAG coding
  • SMS (mobile marketing) built-in in larger package (.01 cents per text)
  • Website Integration via Embedding or plugin (WordPress only)

Add the desktop software to PC at Home and Store Front

Add Customer Manually Edit Customer Information
add_customer edit_customer
Validate Loyalty Card or Form Check the Statistics
validate_customers stats
Free Loyalty Card and Form Template. The system is web based but some clients may not have a smart phone so this takes care of them too.

No client will miss out on your deals, coupons or specials.

 FREE Card Templates Free Paper Flyer Form with QR or TAG
  17-Card_2 copy Loyalty Flyer Form Template

We have 3 packages to choose from to fit all sizes of businesses


Elegant Biz Theme Update $25


Theme Upgrade Package for $25

We will install on your WordPress system and set it up for you with Revaluation Slider too! 

You’re going to love the features!











ElegantBiz 2.0 Fully Responsive WP Theme
For those of you without a WordPress powered website you can add a Domain Name and Hosting below. We would build you a 5 page site using this powerful theme. 
Special One Day Deal Only!
Based on our Basic Package but includes this special Elegant Biz Theme!

Custom Sketch Videos for $99 and up

sketch video is a video in which an animated hand is seen to draw images on a canvas in such a way as to illustrate the narrative being related in the voice-over. These types of video presentations have a 500% increase in viewer retention. The cost for these videos can range from $300 to $1000 a minute to produce because of the complexity and skills as an artist to draw the images.

Here are Business In The Black we have reduced that cost by a factor of 10 or more and now offer Sketch Videos for $99 a minute. We use student artists and great software to produce the best Sketch / Chalkboard videos possible.

Click here for more information

Sample created for Green Bean Solutions in New York

2014 Power Networking Conference

This year’s Power Networking Conference will here in Dallas!

June 26th to 28th at the Intercontinental Hotel – Dallas

PNC Conference Form Back_header

[buttonibt title=”Download Full Registration Form Here” url=”” size=”large” style=”warning”]Download Full Registration Form Here[/buttonibt]

Facebook Local Business Finder Software

Get this easy to use desktop application to help you find local business leads from Facebook.

Only $10  and instant download


$50 Website Wednesday Extended!

We had a late start wednesday so $50 website Wednesday has been extended!



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Facebook Marketing from $25 to $100

Promote Products & Build Marketing Lists Directly

Inside Your Facebook Fans Newsfeed!

Facebook Booster Package

Facebook Emails and User Ids / Facebook Content Injection




Gather Emails Offer Discounts Show a Video