.Com vs .Co Who Will Win?

By Oz Domainer view his posts here

This is my first post done on my new iPad that I picked up on the weekend. It is very cool and as far as I am concerned lives up to the marketing hype from Apple. I am making this post using the WordPress iPad app which is very basic but does all the basics and makes blogging on the run a whole new type of easy.

Anyway to topic of this post, .Co domains.

Well it am pretty dam sure that it won’t be .Co, not in my life time anyway.

I have waited for a while to let the initial rush of the .Co registrations die down to see how things have gone. As far as new registrations go, it has gone very very well with close to 500,000 .Co’s registered in the first few months. Not to bad at all.

I have been reading posts on many domain blogs where people are talking up the .Co like it was going to knock the .Com off it’s number 1 spot in the next few years, it makes me laugh that these folks are so ignorant. Domain newbies would be the best way I can describe them and ignorant ones at that.

Now I am NOT saying that they don’t have a place and that they are not valuable, far from it. I think that the .Co is one of the better gTLD’s to come along in the past 10 years and I own about 30 of them myself. But to even suggest for a moment that they will take over as the king of domains is just delusional IMHO!

At the time of this post there are over 80 Million .Com’s registered and has taken 25 years to get to that number. With Billions of dollars of marketing and advertising dollars behind the brand of .Com it just won’t happen.

So let’s re-visit this post in 5 years time to see how the .Co has gone and if it has overtaken the .Com. If it has I will eat my hat live on video.

Have a great day folks.