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Bonus 1 – 80 WordPress Video Bonuses
[Volume 1] Video 1 to 15 Access Here
[Volume 1] Video 16 to 30 Access Here
[Volume 1] Audios Access Here
[Volume 1] Transcribes Access Here
[Volume 2] Video 1 to 13 Access Here
[Volume 2] Video 14 to 25 Access Here
[Volume 2] Audios Access Here
[Volume 2] Transcribes Access Here
[Volume 3] Video 1 to 8 Access Here
[Volume 3] Video 9 to 16 Access Here
[Volume 3] Video 17 to 25 Access Here
[Volume 3] Audios 1 to 13 Access Here
[Volume 3] Audios 14 to 25 Access Here
[Volume 3] Transcribes Access Here



Most computers have these programs installed but if yours doesn’t, you will need to download the following:  [All links open in a new windows].

The downloadable files are compressed into a zip file format and you may require a zip utility to extract the files. Download and install a free zip utility at
To View PDF Documents You’ll Need Adobe PDF Reader:
When You Download The Videos You Will Need This Player To View Them: VLC media player It’s Free And You Can Download It Here

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