African Americans are becoming the Idiots of the World by watching too much TV according to the Nielsen Ratings…

Blacks watch more television than anyone else.

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There’s a reason they call television the “idiot box.” Some believe that if you spend too much time watching television, it will negatively affect your ability to think. Let’s hope this isn’t true, since a recent study from Nielsen is showing that African Americans watch television more than any other group in the country.

According to EURweb, in November 2010, when the data were compiled, African Americans used their TVs an average of 7 hours, 12 minutes each day — above the U.S. average of 5 hours, 11 minutes. Asians watched TV the least, at just 3 hours, 14 minutes a day on average. African Americans used DVD players and video game consoles more than average, but whites were more likely to use DVRs. Some 40 percent of white families own DVRs, which is higher than average.

This has been the case for many years — blacks watching more television than any other group. If this is the case, why aren’t there more black television shows being produced? Why does it appear that we have more time than other groups to watch television? Perhaps we value television differently than other groups. If so, why? Whatever the case, too much of anything is rarely a good thing.

It would make sense to create Black channels of TV with great content for advertisers and well as educators with trends likes these.

Author: darnellsmith