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At least 80% of new clients come to us after having an terrible experience trying to build their own site using a site builder, the family web expert or craigslist and spending thousands for what we do for hundreds of dollars.
Business In The Black has designed and built over 4000 websites since the Internet has began with teaching each client as a focus. We manage and execute just about any website project. Whether you are looking to start a website from scratch, transfer an existing website into a better platform or redesign an existing site; we can help you and at a very reasonable price.
BIB works exclusively with WordPress software to build all our websites. With this amazing platform we’ve can build ecommerce sites, membership websites, author/speaker/business/coaching/consulting/entrepreneur websites, landing pages and more!

What is WordPress and Why do we use it exclusively?

WordPress is framework under the website you see and gives us and you the framework for managing the content that you see in the form of web pages. WordPress is the most powerful web platform on the internet today.

  • 100% Customizable! – Any way you can dream up your website growing and expanding in the future, WordPress can make it happen. I’ve built membership sites, eCommerce, 100+page websites, small websites – all on the same platform. We can do anything with it.
  • Easy to Use! – You have FULL control over your own website with WordPress. You don’t have to hire someone to add content or make little changes – you can do it all if you want. It’s as easy as using Microsoft Word. All you need is some training which I provide completely free each week.
  • Google Loves It! – Search engines react very well to WordPress sites, especially when certain “plugins” are added. You can think of a plugin as a mini-program created to enhance WordPress. There are over 100 million plugins developed. Later in this proposal I will review my top recommended plugins that I customize for even better results. With a normal HTML site, it can take 1-3 weeks for Google to index a page of your site in their search engine. With WordPress, a page can be indexed in a couple hours. You’ll get better and faster ranking which results in more traffic and exposure. That coupled with a great design and content strategy, we’ll convert those leads into customers and a following.

The Website Development Implementation Process

An average turnaround time for the website setup package as described in our service menu would be approximately 1-2 weeks. We have a 5 step process to make the process as smooth as possible. After we have a one-on-one with you via phone to see what you are trying to achieve on the internet we can determine what type of package you require.
After you purchase your package, we get started by setting up a database, installing WordPress and customizing all plugins. This gives us a framework to start working in before your actual content is given to us.
Next we will work with you to come up with a design, layout, color scheme and set of features for your new or updated website. We do this by phone and remote pc sharing so you can see what we see without having to leave your home or office.
Our design team will then combine your logo (if applicable), colors and branding to create a options for you to pick from (you’ll receive these 2 designs within 2 business days) and then you will have the opportunity to modify one to create your final design. We will work together to create the design you absolutely love. You will have complete control over the final design files for future use and own all your files.
During the design phase we will deliver your content action plan so you can create the web page content while we move forward with other tasks. We also have an  optional content provider service that will create copy written pages for you at an extra cost.
Once we have your website final design files, my programming team will create a WordPress “theme” out of it. At the same time this happens I will be adding any completed content into the website. This is where the bulk of the work in the project takes place.
Once the design and content is in, I will send you a login to the website so you can see what it looks like so far. You will review the website and then have a chance to submit any change requests in to us.
Once we have your feedback, we will make final change requests. As soon as we receive approval from you, we will activate the website so it becomes visible to the world.
You will be given complete training so you can learn to fully manage your own website in the form of our weekly webinars and video classes. We will also do a 30 minute one-on-one class with you to teach you how to add, edit and manage your new website.
Your website is then submitted to all the major search engines and pinging system so the world can find your new website.

Some Recent Works:

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