3- Submit Content


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This is also the time that you would start sending via email your logo, static images and 4 (6, 8, 11 in other package) pages of content in WORD format. These pages should be the Home or Welcome, About Us or BIO, Product and Service pages. Lay them out with the images if you have them, exactly the way you want them added to the site and send to us in WORD format. BIB will also add a general Contact Us form for you to get you started that you can then edit to what you require using the form wizard.

Designing a website is a very visual process so we will be sending you emails back and forth for things like testing, content review, color testing and interactivity. We will rarely use the phone for the design process for it does not help in the design on our end so be ready to become a emailing expert. From time to time we might have an issue that requires verbal communications but for the most part it is not needed and most of the time a hindrance in the design process.

Note: All pages sent will be un-formatted to remove the illegal characters that WORD attaches to documents. We will try to make corrections to the placement of images and sentences that were there before, but you might have to edit the pages to your liking when complete. We do have Content Editors that charge $10 to $35 a page if you require a webmaster (content editor) to work with you and your content until you learn the system.
Note also that for eCommerce based website that all products are added by you the client and not by BIB. We will however add a test product to make sure the system is functioning properly. Each shopping cart plugin is different and there is documentation provided by the plugin designer to help you with adding the content. If you have a need for a content editor let us know and we will try to find you one.

Now that your website is being built this is a good time to get a jump on the training by watching the online videos about WordPress. Remember that BIB does not webmaster your content for you but empowers you to become your own webmaster saving loads of money in the process. We do add the submitted pages that come to us in WORD format according to your package you purchased.

Once we are finished with your site you will need to schedule some time for basic training so you will NEVER need a webmaster again to make changes to your website. You will also learn more from our training videos and live webinars.

Now will be the time for a phone call and we will give you a one-on-one 30 minutes of training while you are on your computer and we are on ours. We do offer an extended one-on-one training at $35 an hour. Click here for more information

At all times we offer FREE weekly training to show you how to manage your website content. Please check our Class Schedules here