2- Custom Design Theme

Now all themes are Custom Designed for each client!

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WordPress packages have 1000’s of FREE themes to choose from the back office provided by the WordPress community, but BIB custom designs a theme for each and every client for FREE in all packages.

You can also get FREE themes here:

Unlike older type websites using Dream Weaver or Front Page and HTML only, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and has the ability to change the theme (look) of a site while the content remains intact.

Some themes have a right and left side for content and navigation links while others only have a right or left side only. Top navigation is built into all our custom themes to allow Real-Time tab creation as you add pages to the site.

Themes come in all kinds of colors, layouts and designs that control the way menus look or even behave when the mouse is move over them.

This is a the possible content and widget areas of our Custom Themes
(any widget area can be removed or added)

Your page or post will show in the area marked Content



Header image – We customize this for you by using your provided image when you select from our base themes. The Header image will change the feel of the website and even the subject. In a basic theme layout the header consists of logo and or graphical design which may or may not include images.

Please provide the image for your header if you select a theme that uses one. If you select a Flash based header design, you must provide the Flash also when we start the customization process.

A better choice would be to use Gif images to produce an animated header if you want to have motion in the header and select a Static based header image design.


Left and Right columns – Will be used for navigation menus and features called Widgets that you can turn on off at will from the WordPress Dashboard.
Center Content Area – is where all pages of content will be displayed when a link is clicked on.

Footer – area is always at the bottom of the website and controlled by the Dashboard This is where credits and designed by information might be placed. By default we have our link there for future business, but you are not forced to keep it there. 

Have a few ideas of layouts and color before you call for a custom design session to speed up the process.


* The logo design is not included, the logo should be sent to us preferably in a common format like jpg, gif, png or bmp. Please make sure you own the right to the images you place on the website or at least use stock photos that you purchase.

* Themes can be changed and you can have more than one theme to a website, but to change or add a theme will cost $25 extra each time and not including the cost of the theme if you use one from another theme provider. Custom designed themes are $35 each after your first free one that comes with all package.