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We have 5 basic kinds of website packages to make your choice easy.

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The first step in all website design is to select a system that has all the things you need installed to perform all the tasks required of it. With that said we have created some standard packages for you ahead of time. We don’t need to meet you in person and everything can be built from emails and the phone but if you require an in person meeting there will be a $35 an hour charge which can be purchased here.

1- BASIC Sites $99 – These are websites use for a person or a company that will not need more than 1 email address and just a presence on the internet they can call home. Comes with satndard features of a CMS to control content.

2Standard  General Purpose Sites $199 – These are websites use for just about anything and including day to day business. This is the most popular type of website because it comes with all the basic features of a CMS costing well over $1000 from most other developers.

3Ecommerce Sites $249 – This is the same as the above #2 package website but includes a shopping cart module for selling products online. This package is for selling multiple products or services and taking payments online using PayPal or other Credit Card gateways in a shopping cart fashion.

4- Organizational & Chamber Deluxe Sites $299 – These are websites use for none profits, churches and Chambers of Commerce. This package comes with features (plugins) that are most useful for organizations that take donations and list businesses.

5- Ultimate Socially Powered WordPress Sites $399 – These are websites use for anything under the sun and including social networks with high traffic and users. Features are added that are best for members, profiles, social networking and multimedia like Video and Music.

  • Here’s what you get when you order the standard Website package:
  • 1 Domain Name Registered for 1 year in your own name
  • 1 Year of Hosting in your own name (hosting & domain name renewal is $99 after that)
  • A complete unlimited page Content Management System installed and setup for you with all the modules listed in each package. Upgrade features anytime with Snap-In Modules.
  • You will receive our help on 4, 6 and 11 pages of content added to the site for you by our professional content editors from documents sent to us by you in WORD. You can add as many pages as you like on your own at anytime using the WORD like page editor built-in.
  • Your WordPress based site comes with User Login and Web Based Administration so you can maintain content 24/7 without the need of a webmaster or monthly fees. Now that is worth the money right there!
  • Your system will come with many powerful feature Modules including a Content Editor, Image Gallery, Feedback Form Creator, Links System, Event Calendar, Newsletter System, RSS Reader, RSS Feeder, User Login, User Profiles, Private Messaging, Media Download System, Mass Mailer System and many more…