Darnell Smith

I started Business In The Black after working for over 25 years in electronics and getting laid off when the whole Enron and 2001 bubble burst. Since I was 10 years old I was into technology and for some reason, it just came to me naturally so this is my destiny. 

Growing up as a preacher’s son some things just seem not fair and web services are one of them. I’ve watched web companies take advantage of people since the beginning and I never wanted to follow in their footsteps.

My mother and father taught me that no matter what you pay a person to do for you it is always best to learn to do for yourself. This is also the best way to not be cheated and at least know how much labor is really going into the service you’re paying for.

Business In The Black is based on “People First, Profit Second” as you can see from the prices of our web services. I charge for only labor at $35 an hour plus the cost of software and or hosting when it comes to website development. All clients are encouraged to learn how to manage the content of their sites after they are built.

Free classes are held most Mondays at 7pm to 9pm on WordPress for complete beginners that you can join in on via your computers connected to the internet. These are LIVE webinars with the ability to ask questions via the chat window while I am showing you step-by-step how to Fire Your Webmaster. My passion is to teach others the skills I have learned over time in technology. 

The websites I build for clients are all custom created using the powerful WordPress core content management system (CMS). The themes are created from scratch if required or professional themes are purchased and customized for you using your colors and logo. All our systems are 100% compatible and stay true to the WordPress practices to be 100% compatible with new plugins and themes in the future.

To save you time and money I install and setup plugins to best match your needs in both features and functionality according to your needs. All custom website packages include a Home Page, Content Pages, Blog System, Feedback Forms, Event Calendar, and Social Links. These packages include everything you need to stand out on the internet, while still being a perfect solution for the budget-conscious business owner. 

After we add the included pages for you we then teach you how to add, edit and delete pages on your own so you can be in full control and FIRE YOUR WEBMASTER.

We have a full online HELP website with Printed and Video Training.

 A little about my history:

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These are some old newspaper articles about me when I was much younger.

Hours: 10am to 10pm

Darnell – 214-815-9308 (text or voice)