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Mobile Is No Longer A Nice-To-Have Capability, It’s A Necessity

Google has done numerous mobile studies and has found that over a third of local searches are on mobile phones(that was 2012). They also surveyed those users and found that there are predominantly 3 things they are looking for in a mobile search and they want them ASAP.

1. A click-able phone number to reach the business.
2. The hours of the business.
3. Directions link with maps so they can find the business.

Why Businesses Need To Get An Mobile friendly Website?

1. Mobile friendly websites are designed to load faster than a regular website. The fact their websites fits on a mobile screen is irrelevant. No business would want to serve their regular websites to mobile users because it is going to load slowly and their visitors will be frustrated.2. It doesn’t matter if the mobile screen fits their regular websites on it. People will still need to zoom in, out, scroll up,down, left and right to see or do anything properly on their non-optimized site. A well designed mobile site should automatically shrink and stretch to fit the screen and should not require any zooming. You should also only ever need to scroll in one direction (up and down).3. The information displayed on a mobile optimized website should be prioritized for the types of things a mobile user is going to be looking for – more often than not it will be different to the information a user on a PC is looking for. A mobile site will also include things like Click to Call, Click for Driving Directions buttons and NOT include things that all mobile devices do not support or take centuries to load (like iframes, heavy loading images and videos etc).
9 Pure HTML Mobile Themes & Mobile Switching Code

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