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Video SEO technology & strategy

Time changes and accordingly everything in the nature redefines itself. So, the latest magical marketing innovation or SEO (search engine optimization) are also upgrading itself. We already are enough aware about traditional bookmarking, link building, submission, etc sorts of stuffs but recently introduced video SEO work is gaining tremendous response and almost all premier SEO service providers have welcomed it.

Video on internet was not a new concept and a many people substantially cashed it. Even, it is obvious to understand that people love to watch video instead of reading books and reports on internet. Initially, low internet speed was a great hurdle but now it is gradually being removed. So certainly in coming season, there may be chances that television also would be replaced by internet. In concluding words, it must be quoted here that video market is hot and in every following day, it is being hotter. So, competition is simply heating upwards amongst all video websites and they feel need of search engine optimization.

SEO Meta tags and titles play crucial role in the optimization of video. The real video SEO action begins with the shooting of video. After shooting of spicy and catchy video, you have to look for proper video sites. However, there are hundreds of websites that may offer you video uploading service as an ad but each one can not be worthy. On the contrary, they will consume huge amount of time. So, save your time and choose good PR website. If video website is relevant with your target than it is damn good. For instance, if you have uploaded video on ‘youtube’ then start posting in links in forums and blog. You can even bookmark video. A press release is also good idea for the promotion of video.

Recent market reports are quite encouraging for video marketing and video SEO work. New York Times estimated that more than 70% traffic on internet is attributed to video. Google was so much concern towards this issue that it has purchased youtube for a whopping 1.65 billion dollar. There are speculations or we can say rumor that Google has prominently formed a team of best minds to analyze keywords from audio that are digitized. It would be just like an analysis of keywords in written roman scripts.

Summary:- You Tube take over by Google and market report of New York Times has certainly encourages video SEO work. In fact it was predicted as video websites were already extremely popular amongst internet users. So, this article explores different aspects of video SEO work.


Video Marketing

In Internet marketing, video marketing plays a very important role. For instance, Youtube is a well-known website which people can use in order to promote and market their products as well as services without having to spend any money.


A lot of marketing experts, though, have failed to see the great potential of YouTube as a powerful marketing tool because they see it as social network site only. Little do they know that more and more people are now using YouTube to share and gather information compared to Google and other search engines.


On the other hand, some of the marketing people who have started to use video in marketing have exerted valuable time, monetary budget and efforts to create wonderful videos for their target audience thinking they have done the best video marketing ever only to get frustrated in the end because nobody has viewed it. This is really discouraging and many have led to the conclusion that business marketing videos are useless and ineffective. Actually it is not. Successful video marketers can attest to the fact that video is the kind of tool to use for marketing to people who have no time to read long write-ups or just don’t like reading. Besides, videos are convenient to learn from or get information from. It is just like watching a movie clip or an advertisement.


Videos to be used as marketing tools must look impressive and professional or else it will break your business’ good image and create a bad impression to the viewers. If you have a high-tech video hardware or a good image processor camera, good for you! You will not have trouble creating a clear and flawless presentation. If you do not have these gadgets, you can create a content-rich slide show and record it in free-screen capture software. Users do not bother much about the cinematography of your videos. They’re more after of what you got in your video. The important thing is, they could clearly see and hear your message.


To make sure your video is seen by your target users, you have to do some search engine optimization techniques here. Meaning, you have to make some tweaks on the video’s title, keyword phrase and tags to make it rank in Google on top of the search results page. When you are on the top ranks of the results page, you are highly visible to the user which increases your chance of being viewed.


Creating the best video marketing tool only requires creating content-rich videos and knowledge of how search engines work. Create your own marketing video now and see it for yourself.


Oiopublisher Ad Manager Plugin

Blogging is of course on the most paying playing on cyberspace and bloggers use unlike ways to legitimize blogs and garner from it. One of the familiar and nonclassical way for earning money from a blog is marketing ads. Or marketing 125×125, 300×250 etc banner ads on blog.

Depending on the diary reciprocation blogger can earn from $10 to $1000. Tall trafficked blogs equivalent Problogger.net, JhonChow.com etc are charging from $500 to $1000 per advertizing because of the swollen loudness of traffic.

How they trade ads?

Publiciser junction them finished Telecommunicate OR Sound and buy ads on there blogs, but a natural and teeny blogger can’t cozen ads in such way. They give make to attract advertisers and accept them sluttish tools that can exploit in merchandising ads.

How to transact ads?

OIOpulisher is one of the touristy ad manager plugin which allows you to sell advertisements on your diary. It has automated commerce impact grouping which allows advertisers to pay for a ad through PayPal, AlertPay, Google Checkout, 2Checout, Authorize.net and Assets Roll. All the dealings prefabricated for the ad get is deposited into your reason forthwith.

For the transactions oiopublisher bidding nada. All the transactions are disentangled and present and supply you estimation and records. Its skillfulness window allows you to equipment any mercantilism impact in a few uncomplicated steps. For lesson if you requisite to falsification paypal as a commercialism outgrowth, it allows entering your PayPal ID and it leave then grip everything by self.

OIOpublisher Voucher

Yes OIOpublisher has deduction voucher codes that you can use to buy the plugin on discounted damage. The coupons are for the individual months and you instrument hit to use the January voucher in the period of Jan to help the $10 reduction. So be trusty to use the rectify one in the punish period to service it.


Install OIOpublisher as a WordPress plugin or a standalone level
Delude all forms of schoolbook ads, headline ads, and professional reviews
Show ads on any website you equal using php or javascript
No pillaged spaces, feigning your own default ads until slots are purchased
Alter website visitors to sales body using the intrinsical affiliate document
Usage purchases also portion you to delude digital products

This plugin is one of the soul choice of BuySellAds.com which allow bloggers to cozen ads on blogs through there websites. They burden 25% in every merchandising, for information if you oversubscribed a 125×125 banner for $100 on your journal, BSA testament protection $25 from it and pay you only $75. In ordination to portion the 25% charges you poverty to put this plugin, as it allows you to earn 100% from all sold ads.

Obscure from merchandising ads, you can also demo affiliate banners on your diary finished this plugin. You can path the plosive finished choler and impressions in the moderate body. As I said in the first the discipline commission is really person and you can easily understand its functions. You can also try the demo variation request by the formalised website where you can insure the feature by yourself. Stay the features and then decide to buy it. I am trusty you present buy it, because they way the fashioned the command panel, it is understandable by all users.

Free WordPress Themes are Very Productive

WordPress is the most wanted tool that every blogger is talking about. It is very productive blogging tool which helps millions of people to create a productive website.  Currently WordPress is the most popular CMS in use. And with these themes bloggers are finding very easy to install any Free WordPress Themes to build a coherent website. You can use the default themes but these themes do not provide everything you are desired for and the blog also does not get the dynamic look where you can attract more traffic to your site. But if you go with Free WordPress Themes, you can choose the best and efficient one to create an attractive website. All these themes have many built-in features, plug-ins, content oriented and has many other functions where a blogger can use the theme and make a clear and simple website easily.

WordPress also provides premium themes but they may not be suitable for all bloggers since they cost quite a lot of money and the first time bloggers may not like to spend lot of money to create an initial website. The Free WordPress Themes are equally good as premium theme and also save lot of money and there are plenty of choices to choose from. There are plenty of site which provides thousands of free WP themes to the bloggers. These themes are reliable and create the best website and attract many viewers if the blogger use the right and correct theme for his blog.

WordPress themes surely make your blog unique and gives a whole new look to your site. But most of us believe that getting premium themes is better since they are reliable and provides many other useful feature, it is not true of course premium theme does provides all these but Free WordPress Themes also has all these features and functions and also very reliable and efficient. So without any doubt bloggers should go with themes to create an attractive and expressive website and provide tons of information about the subject which the searcher is looking for. The source is more important for any blogger. Provide the best and updated information to the web searchers and make use of these wonderful free themes and create beautiful websites.

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