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Hundreds of American Troops and CIA Operatives Have Entered Syria


While the media panicked over the halting of NASDAQ stock trading due to a reported bug in the system (more on that shortly), one critical development went under-reported. In fact, it wasn’t reported at all.

If the following from France’s second largest newspaper Le Figaro is accurate, then we must assume that war is now a foregone conclusion.

While it is too early to rule out categorically the argument put forward by Damascus and Moscow, who blame the massacre on the Syrian opposition, it is already possible to provide answers to a troubling question. What benefit would have Assad to launch an unconventional attack at the precise moment when he had to allow UN inspectors – after being stranded for several months – to investigate the use of chemical weapons?

Operational logic first. According to information obtained byLe Figaro , the first trained in guerrilla warfare by the Americans in Jordan Syrian troops reportedly entered into action since mid-August in southern Syria, in the region of Deraa. A first group of 300 men, probably supported by Israeli and Jordanian commandos, as well as men of the CIA, had crossed the border on August 17. A second would have joined the 19. According to military sources, the Americans, who do not want to put troops on the Syrian soil or arming rebels in part controlled by radical Islamists form quietly for several months in a training camp set up at the border Jordanian- Syrian fighters ASL, the Free Syrian Army, handpicked.

Sense of impunity

As for the summer, their protection have begun to shake Syrian battalions in the south, approaching the capital. “Their thrust would now feel into the Ghouta, where formations of ASL were already at work, but really can make a difference on the outskirts of Damascus fortress,” says David Rigoulet-Roze, a researcher at the French Institute for Strategic Analysis (IFAS).

According to this expert on the region, the idea proposed by Washington would be the possible establishment of a buffer zone from the south of Syria, or even a no-fly zone, which would cause opponents safely until the balance of power changes. This is the reason why the United States has deployed Patriot batteries and F16 in late June Jordan.

Military recent pressure against al-Ghouta threatens the capital Damascus, the heart of the Syrian regime. In July, the spokesman of President al-Assad had publicly stated that the scheme would not use chemical weapons in Syria “except in case of external aggression.” The intrusion of foreign agents in the south, for example …

The other reason, if the army has actually committed a massacre in Damascus chemical is more diplomatic. Since August, 2012, when Barack Obama warned that the use of chemical weapons was a “red line” that, once crossed, could trigger a military intervention, thirteen smaller chemical attack have been identified without causing American reaction. Admittedly, the evidence is difficult to obtain, since Damascus routinely blocks the work of UN investigators. The sense of impunity felt by the Syrian regime is reinforced by the Russian protection afforded to the Security Council of the UN.Barack Obama, when he arrived at the White House, the Kremlin had proposed a “reset” of relations, not to break the link with Moscow. U.S. Chief of Staff, Martin Dempsey, the principal military adviser, justifies his opposition to intervention, even limited by the fragmentation of the Syrian opposition and the weight exerted by extremist groups.

Civilians affected by the fumes of toxic agents in the attack al-Ghouta, waiting for first aid in an improvised Saqba, in Damascus suburbs, Wednesday medical center.

What are the options?

If the Syrian regime is actually behind the chemical bombardment of Damascus, it will take a further degree is a conflict that has claimed more than 100,000 lives. “There is more of a small-scale test as before. Chemical weapons are now part of the war, where they play a deterrent role. This is a message to the Americans. It is also a challenge to Barack Obama, who risks losing its legitimacy with its allies in the world, “an expert analysis of the case.

Along with clandestine operations from Jordanian soil, the international community, as each time the crisis is reaching a peak, reconsider the various military options. Arming the rebels? “If we do one day we will not say,” said a diplomatic source. Surgical air strikes? Possible, but the solution involves risk regionalization of the conflict. Special forces to secure and neutralize chemical weapons sites?Israel hit neighboring Syria repeatedly. But Western intelligence services did not want to risk that stocks of chemical weapons falling into the hands of jihadist groups. Last option, inaction. It is that which seems to have bet on Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.

Look at these original stories:



African Americans are becoming the Idiots of the World by watching too much TV according to the Nielsen Ratings…

Blacks watch more television than anyone else.

Original Story here at The Root

There’s a reason they call television the “idiot box.” Some believe that if you spend too much time watching television, it will negatively affect your ability to think. Let’s hope this isn’t true, since a recent study from Nielsen is showing that African Americans watch television more than any other group in the country.

According to EURweb, in November 2010, when the data were compiled, African Americans used their TVs an average of 7 hours, 12 minutes each day — above the U.S. average of 5 hours, 11 minutes. Asians watched TV the least, at just 3 hours, 14 minutes a day on average. African Americans used DVD players and video game consoles more than average, but whites were more likely to use DVRs. Some 40 percent of white families own DVRs, which is higher than average.

This has been the case for many years — blacks watching more television than any other group. If this is the case, why aren’t there more black television shows being produced? Why does it appear that we have more time than other groups to watch television? Perhaps we value television differently than other groups. If so, why? Whatever the case, too much of anything is rarely a good thing.

It would make sense to create Black channels of TV with great content for advertisers and well as educators with trends likes these.

Best and Worst Times for Social Networking

The Best and Worst Times to Post to your Social Networks

Best and Worst Times for Social Networking

Loyalty Card Template

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Almost two-thirds of adults who purchase gift cards spent more than the original limit on the card at the store! Smart cards are ideal for loyalty cards and gift cards. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, smart cards work offline and don’t require an expensive infrastructure on the back end. You can easily brand, issue, and process your own secure gift cards, loyalty cards, or membership cards. You can start your own affordable loyalty program by replacing old-fashioned paper gift certificates and punch card frequency programs with our smart Loyalty Cards.

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Build Loyalty with Smart Loyalty Cards and Watch Your Business Grow. Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening your relationships with your customers. One way to show customers that you value their business is to provide them with glossy, personalized loyalty smart cards. Customers can sign up for a loyalty program in-store as part of a marketing promotion or loyalty campaign.

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Free Loyalty Card and Form Template. We provide you with 2 templates with your package so you can create your own design of the card and paper form if needed. The system is web based but some clients may not have a smart phone so this takes care of them too. No client will miss out on your deals, coupons or specials.

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