Paid Social Media Jobs – Scam or Legit?

Paid Social Media Jobs – Scam or Legit?

Cool Social Media Jobs for you: The newest trend in the “Work from Home” niche is Social Media Jobs, and you can be a part of this new “wind”. People already working with Social Media Jobs are greatly paid from ads, squeeze pages, e-mail follo…

Power Networking Conference in Dallas, Texas JUNE 27-29 2013



Watch the video below to find out more about the Power Networking Conference


PowerNetworking Conference in Dallas  TX

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How can you get 100s of “likes” and “shares” to your facebook page for $25 or less?

How can you generate thousands of visitors, likes, and sales in a matter of days…or even HOURS!

The Answer is Facebook Viral Videos

Facebook Viral Video was designed to help you create powerful, unique videos that go VIRAL and spread socially.

Start Generating More Likes, Invites, Leads and Viral Traffic

We can overlay social buttons and even lock or pause the video at any time to ask for a “like” or a “share“.

All this for $25 each or $10 a month for unlimited access to produce your own.


Here is a LIVE DEMO

Facebook Viral Video has a dynamic feature set that lets you customize the design of the whole page.

  • Create unlimited campaigns from your FB Viral Video dashboard ($10 a month)
  • Have BIB Create one for you for $25 and no monthly fees
  • Show Youtube videos or your own hosted videos
  • Require users to click “like” or “share” to watch the video
  • Custom redirect option so when people watch to the end, they get sent to a URL of your choice
  • Built in Share and Invite functions
  • Integrated FB Comments system which can be turned off/on as you require it
  • Full design options to change fonts, text colour, sizes and more
  • Complete HTML editor for the main call to action area and the final overlay at the end of the video. This gives you ultimate control so you can add whatever you need to help your campaigns
  • Custom background design options. Upload your own background image and set it to fixed, tiled, full screen… whatever you like.

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