Technology Update


I thought I would heads up and let you be one of the first to know about some new technology I will be offering starting next week.

1-     Video Based “Ninja” Lead Generation and Marketing: Where you allow others to market for you to a third party as a Viral form of Stealth marketing to get leads and traffic to your website.

2-    Trust Marketing: You take a Trusted article on the internet and use it for marking a product or service of your own that is relative to your own topic. For “Social Shock Marketing” you take a Shocking or Emotionally Charged story and use it for marking a product or service of your own that has little to do with the topic.

3-    You might already know that I own a Digital Billboard company called “A to Z Mini Billboards” under the “Digital Advertising Media” umbrella along with being 50% partner of “OPN TV Network” a IPTV Television Network for media distribution. This system will take a technological turn next week by introducing some new features and a different structure.


The OPN TV Network


Self Hosted Media provided by local communities all over the DFW area with an International delivery


Pre and Post Roll Advertisement / No commercials in the content / Very low cost Advertisement ($25 – $500 Max)

Content Providers can have their own shows for $99 a month with full VOD (Video on Demand)

No public sharing video system ads or commercials, we own the servers in house


After about a year of research and development OPN TV Network (On a Positive Note TV) will soon launch the first IPTV Station owned and operated by Minorities right here in the DFW Area. Marie Thompson (CEO) a Mexican American and me Darnell Smith (CTO) an African American are partners of OPN TV Network a Cloud Based Media network that will deliver Rich Media to Set Top Boxes like RoKu, Android TV and Google TV as well as Mobile Phones, Tablets and PCs.

This will be rolled out in 2 phases with unlimited channels that are web based and limited for Set Top Boxe delivery.

Some Features of OPN TV:

  • VOD or Video on Demand
  • Time Based Programming (Legacy Style TV)
  • Mobile Distribution
  • International Reach 24/7
  • Interactive Advertisement (click through)
  • Video and Music
  • Digital Billboard Distribution
  • Low Cost Programming (aimed at small business and entrepreneurs)
  • Low Corporate funding with $1000 caps
  • Social Media Connected
  • Social TV Chat for Real-time integration during programming
  • Analytics for programming provided by Google
  • More….


A to Z will also be integrating the Media Distribution System to all of the existing Digital Billboard system across 27 states that are already in operation. Some of these systems will handle Static Billboards while others will use Rich Media like Videos and Music from OPN.

This is not a cheap endeavor and to fund this business we will be using a Crowd Funding technique used by many but with a set participation level as well as amount. My partner and I believe in a People First Profit Second approach to all our endeavors so we created a Base Market Funding structure that anyone can get involved in.


Here is how it works:

OPN is offering 5 types of Advertisements that will fund the business from day one but not be offered at any other time. These paid advertisers will be Base Advertisers and never have to pay again for ads that run across the OPN’s network of channels. This will give them an unlimited supply of advertisement for the life of the company no matter how big OPN becomes.

Banner Ads $25: will be sprinkled during programming slots above the Media Players on websites that are accessed by Mobile and PC type devices only. These are Static or Dynamic (flash based) banners. They are provided by the advertiser and are randomly displayed as users logon to watch or listen to content.

Static Snippet Ads $50: will be sprinkled before, after and during programming slots. These are Static Billboard style ads with no sound and no movement. They are provided by the advertiser and will last only 6 seconds when displayed.

Dynamic Snippet Ads $100: will be sprinkled before, after and during programming slots. These are Dynamic Flash style ads with no sound. They are provided by the advertiser and will last up to 15 seconds when displayed.

Video Snippet $250: will be sprinkled before, after and during programming slots. These are short video style ads with sound and movement. They are provided by the advertiser and will last up to 15 seconds when displayed.

Video Commercials $350: will be sprinkled before, after and during programming slots. These are standard video style ads with sound and movement. They are provided by the advertiser and will last up to 30 seconds when displayed.

All of these Funding Advertisers will be listed on the website and in marketing materials as the Base Advertisers for the life of OPN TV Network. They will never have to pay again to reap the benefits of ongoing marketing and advertisement.

That’s it for now and for more information on our systems, technology or base advertisement please hit me back anytime.




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Trust and Social Shock Marketing

Trust Marketing Campaigns

only $10 Each or 10 for $50

What is Trust Marketing?

You take a Trusted article on the internet like from CNN, CBS, NPR or the Huffington Post like shown below and use it for marking a product or service of your own that is relative to your own topic. You can find any place that you think is Trustworthy to create a Marketing campaign from.

The Trusted Source for the Topic you are promoting and in this case it’s Breast Cancer Awareness.

Click on the image below to see that it is a real listed article by Huffington Post

Example Trusted Ad Topic Website

Once you finish reading about Breast Cancer as in this demo our client’s Ad below will be shown right over the Trusted website post above.

Once a visitor is taken to the article our software hides and can be timed, activated on entry or exit to display an advertisement . This could be an Ad, Feedback Form, Discount Coupon or any other bit of information. 

The Best thing of all you don’t have to pay the CRAZY expensive prices for advertising with them to get the benefit of their traffic.

How is it used?

We create a special link that can be Shared Socially on just about any Social website like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Dig and more. The more Shocking the story is the more people will want to click and read it which in turn gets more people to see your waiting Ninja AD that shows shortly after.

Seeing a demo is worth a thousand words

This link: would produce the post below on Face Book or any other Social Network allowing posts. The Article Snippet and Image is created automatically from the Trusted Ad source website for you.

Use the link over and over across many Social Networks to get Instant Website Traffic and Sales.

Try the link yourself and see how your ad would pop up when you try to leave the article even though it is not hosted on our servers.

This is a technique called Trust Marketing when you use a Trusted news source while marketing your own products and services.

WordPress for Beginners

Want to learn how to run a WordPress site professionally?

Want to get your questions answered by WordPress! experts?



Monday, October 15, 2012

6:30 PM To 


Pan-African Connection

828 Fourth Ave., Dallas, TX

Price: $10.00/per person

Who Should Attend

• 1 Individuals wanting to learn WordPress! best practices.
• 2 Business owners or employees responsible for their company’s website.
• 3 Web Designers looking to expand their service offerings by providing WordPress sites for clients.
• 4 Individuals considering WordPress for your next project.
• 5 Web Professionals looking to save time by learning from WordPress! experts.

What You’ll Need:

Computer connected to the Internet and phone line for questions and answers. Live chat will be active for communications between instructor and other in the training.

You’ll learn how to operate and manage a WordPress website, from content and user organization, to working with widgets and themes.


• Part 1: Introduction to WordPress
• Part 2: Setting up and customizing your blog (what is a blog?)
• Part 3: Writing and publishing your posts and pages (pages vs blogs)
• Part 4: Advanced content options and multimedia (videos, Audio and Documents)
• Part 5: Managing users in your WordPress site and Email Marketing from the site
• Part 6: Choosing and configuring WordPress plugins
• Part 7: Choosing and configuring WordPress themes
• Part 8: How to manage WordPress websites professionally and securely (keeping spam and hackers out)

More Detail:

• Writing a blog post and having them post to your Social Networks automatically
• Adding tags and categories
• Uploading images and PDFs
• Creating links
• Creating pages and subpages
• How to change themes and where to find them
• Adding widgets
• Adding plugins

Plugins we will install and setup:

1. CKEditor (easy page edits)
2. Visual Form Builder (create feedback forms)
3. No Comments On Pages (take comments off the home page)
4. Subscribe2 (automatically send post updates to subscribers)
5. Social Sharing Toolkit (Social Icons and Sharing)
6. All in One SEO Pack (for Search Engine Optimization)
7. Google XML Sitemaps (for Google to crawl your site)
8. All-in-One Event Calendar (to add events on your site)


There are no prerequisites for the beginner class. We assume that all students in our beginner classes start with no WordPress experience.
If you need more information just give me a call 214-509-6678 before the class starts

RSVP HERE COST $10 / Person