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WordPress Beginner Training Monday Jan. 16th from 11:30am to 1:30pm

Monday January 16th, 2012 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM


Want to learn more about WordPress?

Want to learn how to run a WordPress site professionally?

Want to get your questions answered by WordPress! experts?

WordPress Training in DFW is for you!

Who Should Attend

  • 1 Individuals wanting to learn WordPress! best practices.
  • 2 Business owners or employees responsible for their company's website.
  • 3 Web Designers looking to expand their service offerings by providing WordPress sites for clients.
  • 4 Individuals considering WordPress for your next project.
  • 5 Web Professionals looking to save time by learning from WordPress! experts.

Subjects Taught

What You’ll Need:
You can bring a laptop to follow along, but you can also learn by watching the live demo and taking notes. A handout will be provided with links to all the resources mentioned as well as books, web sites, and community groups. WordPress is free, but after class you will need to have your own domain name and a web hosting account to implement the techniques we’ll discuss. (We’ll cover where to get those in the class, but you should plan on spending about $100/year.)

You'll learn how to build a WordPress website, from content and user organization, to working with extensions and templates:

  • Part 1: Introduction to WordPress
  • Part 2: Setting up and customizing your blog (what is a blog?)
  • Part 3: Writing and publishing your posts and pages (pages vs blogs)
  • Part 4: Advanced content options and multimedia (videos, Audio and Documents)
  • Part 5: Managing users in your WordPress site and Email Marketing from the site
  • Part 6: Choosing and configuring WordPress plugins
  • Part 7: Choosing and configuring WordPress themes
  • Part 8: How to manage WordPress websites professionally and securely (keeping spam and hackers out)

More Detail:

  • What is WordPress and Who uses it?
  • What’s a “blog” and how to use it for massive marketing for your site
  • What’s the difference between which is FREE and your own website powered by WordPress on your own host
  • Writing a blog post and having them post to your Social Networks automatically
  • Adding tags and categories
  • Uploading images and PDFs
  • Creating links
  • Creating pages and subpages
  • What’s a domain name and a web host?
  • How do I connect a domain name to a host?
  • Acronyms you’ll need to know: HTML, CSS, PHP, JPG, FTP, DNS
  • Content on your pages using JavaScript vs. Flash
  • How to install WordPress using the Auto Installers provided by some hosts
  • Things to double-check with one-click installations
  • How themes work
  • Where to find themes
  • Adding widgets
  • Adding


There are no pre-requisites for the beginner class. We assume that all students in our beginner classes start with no WordPress experience.

More Class Details

3945 North Central Expressway PLANO TX, 75023. US-75 & Spring Creek, in front of Main Event Ph: 972 / 578-8707


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Warning! Massive Number of Godaddy WordPress Blogs Hacked This Weekend

Original post from

Hi guys,

Sid here. I want to warn you guys about a massive exploit that has hit a large number of Godaddy Hosted WordPress Blogs this weekend

This hack appears to redirect visitors upon arrival from Google and attempts to install malware on their computers. When I was visiting the site directly, whether logged in or as an Admin, even if I could see the malicious script in my view-source window I did not have any issues and it did not redirect me. This means your site could be hacked and infected and you may be unaware.

I noticed a couple key giveaways:

  • In view source, you will see <script src=””> located just above the </body> tag on all .php files. If you view source and see this, that’s cause for alarm
  • When logged in, you’ll have a screwed up WordPress dashboard. Basically it looks like it is messing up the loading of some CSS in the WordPress Admin area, causing everything to look like the image below:

(Click for larger view)

When arriving from Google, a hacked website will redirect to

The good news is this attack appears to be based only on your actual files – not your database. That’s relatively easy to clean up. In GoDaddy you should be able to revert to an old version of your files (Go to April 23rd or before and you should be fine)

The bad news is we don’t know at this point how the hackers are gaining access.

So far, here’s what I’ve found out about Godaddy’s stance, from another blog that’s also covering this issue:

“Measures are in place to protect the overall security of the shared hosting server on which your website resides. The compromise of your account is outside of the scope of security that we provide for you. Virus scans are performed on the content that is hosted, but they may not pick up everything, largely due to the fact that hackers tend to upload custom scripts which are not picked up by traditional malware scanners. However, if a virus is detected, you will be notified. The overall security of your password and the content within your account is your responsibility, as password compromises and compromises due to scripting can only be prevented by you.”

Please forward this post to your friends, and help us get the word out. It looks like this has compromised a large number of blogs, and especially since it happened over the weekend, there’s a good chance many bloggers haven’t noticed it.


For more information on fixing the issue, please see this post : – WordPress Hacked on Godaddy

This is not your normal BlogcastFM blog post, but since we were hacked this weekend and unaware of the issue for a couple days, I felt we had to say something since our audience is bloggers – and help educate you guys in case you have the same problem. We’ll resume with our normal interviews tomorrow.