How to Market without Marketing


One thing that gets on my nerves is the constant posts on FaceBook about how to make $1000 a day doing nothing. This is the craziest this I have ever heard but every day I see this on each and every FaceBook Group.

 What if you could make a realistic amount of money each day or week without doing all that marketing across hundreds of social networks each day?

What if your website was setup to market for you every time you post to your own blog? It would connect to your FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn push your Blog Posts on its own saving you valuable time and bringing you followers.

Your same website would also send out an advertisement flyer each time a person registers to your website to follow your blog.

If this sounds good to you then keep reading and I will show you what plugins to use with WordPress that will do just this.

 What you need:

First you need a WordPress powered website hosted on a private or shared server not the free WordPress site you get from Most hosting accounts offer WordPress as an auto install but you need some knowledge about installing and setting up plugs. Find a Webster like me that knows how to work with WP.

After you have you new or old website installed, setup and all your basic content is in place your ready to add the two special plugins.

SB Welcome Email and WP Social Traffic

Install SB Welcome Email if you do nothing else since it’s the work horse that sends you ad campaigns to the new subscribers the moment they sign up.

WP Social Traffic automatically sends your new posts to: and Instantly gain dozens of new visitors each time you update your blog.

For FaceBook to get content you need to login to FaceBook and add an app named RSS Graffiti. Then add your website’s RSS Blog Feed so it checks for updates automatically. Graffiti is designed to poll whatever RSS feed for changes and push those changes to FaceBook for you.

Now you’re ready to start Blogging on your own website and let your website do the rest of the work for you.

If you have any questions just shoot me an email.