What it is a Facebook Campaign System?

We use a great script called Facebook Campaigner and install it on our servers so you can start marketing to Facebook users completely FREE. No more paying for ad campaigns or you can use this and also Boost the campaigns.

What is Facebook Campaigner?

Facebook campaigner is a simple and user friendly application that helps you to market your products, services, and blogs to 1000s of groups, pages, events, profiles with single click.

Getting more and more traffic to your website thus increasing your sales. Create a Campaign in a minute and relax. Campaigner will delivers your message to community of millions people by auto-posting in selected groups, pages, events, profiles.

You can also manage your own pages. You can track the progress of campaign, get the insights (likes, comments, shares) for a campaign, Play and Pause the campaign any time.


All Four types of postings can be setup

Selecting from your Groups, Pages and Profiles all at once.

Running multiple campaigns at once